random Sensible Endowment tag lines:

we welcome anyone who is intelligent and difficult to offend - spite48

this isn't Reddit - theolypse

you ended up on SE, so the impact on your development is very clear - HPew

we didn't invent fucked-up, we just made it better - ckfahrenheit

it's worse because the coke is in his seminal fluid. - Krutz

it was only the one time and I was lonely. Really lonely - f00m@nB@r

nothing hotter than a girl who just says what she wants, or just sticks it in her own ass from time to time. - spite48

during his precious visitation time he was posting to SE again! - lilmookieesquire

I'm not sure I see the point to a sex bot who's only vulnerability is exposure to fluids - foobar

life begins at confection - Tirade


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