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when the turtles entered my life, they taught me to be self-aware - ComposerNate

if you start running low on space remember you can stack them inside each other. - arrowhen

who needs chocolate when you have cock? - discoLemonade

don't try to kill a guy who's willing to go down on you - sanepride

a mostly-NSFW online community - Baxter_UK

there's love, and then there's SE love - madfishmonger

whose breast is that anyway? - cb361

what, you were expecting Kenneth Branagh? - Amul Muzz

I'm afraid you can't get the shit back in the horse - sacrelicious

not bad, but not really good either. It's just sort of there, like Denmark. - PottyMouth

The warm, hollowed-out ham of the Internet - mrcookieface

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