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I also pee in the shower, but that's for another discussion - snowfox

I hereby suggest that a new verb for the act of cunnilingus be created - KingPellinore

I wouldn't want to masturbate to a porn star who wanted me to masturbate to them. - cb361

cunning ignorance - kichijoii

I come for the porn, I stay for the grammar lessons - jhvh1

interesting, if partially nonsensical and disheartening? - mura

how do you develop a resistance to something that drills a hole in you and injects DNA - moriati

the beauty of rape dollars, is you can pay with them whether he accepts or not - Makopelli

because sometimes one colon just isn't enough - dreamingzephyr

I wish I could upmod again for the rectovag exam - sociology_boy

why would anyone want to worship someone who leaves stains everywhere he goes? - sacrelicious

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