Saturday, 29 April 2017

Psychic trying to prove his immortality stabs himself to death

quote [ The folk ritual is believed to honour the ghosts of ancestors and in previous shows the blade of the sword broke when it was pressed against his chest.
But on this occasion the act went wrong and the weapon failed to snap causing the 25-year-old to stab himself in the chest. ]

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[by pleaides@2:46amGMT]


WeiYang said @ 12:58pm GMT on 29th Apr
I am not quite Richard Dawkins, but I am pretty anit-mumbo jumbo bullshit. Maybe this guy was sincere,, maybe he was a knowing charlatan, but the idea that ritual purity confers physical invulnerability is old an widespread.

During the proxy wars in Africa in the 80's there were several groups that would do a ritual for the fighters to make them bulletproof. One that comes to mind is "the inoculated" in Liberia. They would get a shot of distilled water, get a blessing and go to it. When asked about the bullet riddled bodies of their fighters all laying around after a battle, they spokesman said that they must have been with a woman or hidden behind a tree or something that made them ritually impure.

Belief is VERY VERY powerful. It is awful when it is abused and tragic when misplaced.
milkman666 said @ 2:54pm GMT on 29th Apr [Score:1 Good]
Thats a little bit related to how multi level marketing works in the States. When it turns out you can't in fact sell oily juice water beyond your increasingly annoyed friends and concerned family members they attribute the failure to a lack of tenacity. If you work hard, if you really want it, you too can get double diamond status and the yacht.
WeiYang said @ 6:57pm GMT on 29th Apr
Ritual purity also confers success in business. Witness Prosperity Gospel. Ritual purity fucking rocks.
WeiYang said @ 6:56pm GMT on 29th Apr
There was another group called the BUllet Boys. i think they were in Angola. And I may be mixing up the 2 countries. One was certainly Liberia,one was Certainly Angola.

I am not sure if the Lord's Resistance Army does anything like this, but i would be shocked if they did not.
dolemite said @ 11:53pm GMT on 29th Apr
So, another example of "psychic fair cancelled due to unforseen circumstances"?
pleaides said @ 7:50am GMT on 30th Apr
Precisely. Just a slightly more stabby variation on an old theme.
zarathustra said @ 9:47am GMT on 30th Apr
I vaguely remember a case in law school about a Sufi ritual that was like this where someone else did the stabbing. Was it murder since he had no intention to kill or reckless disregard, etc.
WeiYang said @ 2:00pm GMT on 30th Apr
Negligent homicide for not praying hard enough?

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