Wednesday, 8 March 2017

So... Where IS Waldo?

quote [ I was interested in a problem deeper than where Waldo was: how the books’ creator, Martin Handford, decided to hide Waldo. Did he hide him in the corners so he would be hard to find? Or are the corners too obvious? What about the exact middle of the page?

I argued, that on the whole, Handford was sneaky. He avoided both the center and the edges. This makes scanning for Waldo more difficult.

But there is a more compelling data point that proves just how eager Handford was to hide Waldo—an undeniable piece of evidence that proves that Handford wanted people to struggle more and more. It was Handford’s surefire way to foil everyone’s Waldo’s-searching plans... ]
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[by eidolon@12:41pmGMT]

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