Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Suffragettes Who Mixed White Supremacy With Women's Rights

quote [ Suffragette: Belle Kearney, 1863-1939 (Orator, novelist, Mississippi state senator)
Hooray: “Equal pay for equal work.”
Wait, What: “The enfranchisement of women would insure immediate and durable white supremacy, honestly attained..." ]

It's racism all the way down.
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[by Dalillama@6:54pmGMT]


arrowhen said @ 7:41pm GMT on 8th Nov
I feel like it's a bit of a stretch to call some of these quotes white supremacist when they're just drawing perfectly reasonable parallels between black emancipation and women's suffrage. That last one though? Hoo boy...
HP Lovekraftwerk said[1] @ 7:52pm GMT on 8th Nov [Score:1 Sad]
It puts me in mind of something astonishing I heard on the radio yesterday. They were interviewing an African-American Republican woman who supports Trump, and she made the following statement regarding Trump's actions regarding renting to black people (which landed him in court):

WINBUSH: I believe that was 1972. I believe that Donald Trump was 28 years old and he didn't have a whole lot of power in his father's company. It was not his company. He worked for his father. So that's one thing. The other thing is if you were in an apartment complex and you depended on that complex to thrive, you had to be strategic because white flight was real.

You could move an African-American into your neighborhood and watch every house go up for sale at that time. How do you have a 500-unit building...


WINBUSH: ...And one person, two people move in and you watch 498 move out? I'm not saying that it was right...

See, if only minorities could have the business side of things explained to them like this, they'd understand that they were causing harm to profits by wanting to live in the same places as whites! Also, such actions are completely justifiable even in a post-Civil Rights environment less than 40 years ago! It's so simple! Money has rights, too!
HoZay said @ 8:04pm GMT on 8th Nov
Some of these are not really racist, just stating fact. Some are using language designed to appeal to racist white male voters/legislators to advance the cause. Some are just racist as fuck because who said women are less racist than men?
People join or form advocacy groups to move their own agenda, sometimes (often) at someone else's expense.
XregnaR said @ 8:39pm GMT on 8th Nov
This just proves that women shouldn't be allowed to vote.

Or have shoes.

Or be allowed out of the gimp dungeon.
maximumtodd said @ 12:40am GMT on 9th Nov
Mandatory hijabs/burkas and female circumcision, just be patient.
butthole said @ 11:32pm GMT on 8th Nov
When it comes to woman's equality, I see no color.
GordonGuano said @ 12:08am GMT on 9th Nov
Pretty cool that we live in a time when the demand for bigotry far outstrips the supply, eh?

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