Saturday, 22 October 2016

Famed Comic Artist Steve Dillon Dead at 54

quote [ Popular comic book artist Steve Dillon, best-known as the co-creator of "Preacher," has died.

He was just 54.

The grim news was confirmed Saturday morning on Twitter by his younger brother.

"Sad to confirm he death of Steve, my big brother and my hero,” Glyn Dillon tweeted Saturday morning. “He passed away in the city he loved (NYC). He will be sorely missed. Cheers x.” ]

2016. Motherfucker.

This hurts. I've always loved his clean but dynamic style. When I saw his name attached, I knew I'd be in for a fun time. This is horrid.
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DragonGirl said @ 6:19am GMT on 23rd Oct
you should have a picy with the bear with a beer in his pur

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