Friday, 25 April 2014

How Things Work

quote [ Vladimir Gvozdeff is an artist from (if I?m not mistaken) Slovenia, who works in both two and three dimensional media, often combining them in the same work. ]

I posted a few entries from this website on the old SE. They are not news, but we need to fill the air here with more stuff. So says me. Plus... it's art.
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[by ethanos@10:40pmGMT]


ethanos said @ 10:45pm GMT on 25th Apr
hey. what happened to the image? damn. rookie mistake.
taeyn said @ 10:46pm GMT on 25th Apr
you can probably edit it back in.
ethanos said @ 10:52pm GMT on 25th Apr
i remember from SE that getting the image small was the hardest part....
Baron said @ 7:20pm GMT on 26th Apr
What I do is search google images for the one you want, and specify the size should be EXACTLY width
cb361 said @ 11:08pm GMT on 25th Apr
Hey, does anybody know what a WANNAG is? As in "Will a connection [for your router] back to the WANNAG be required?" I'm embarrassed to admit to proper network architects and enterprise server people that I don't know what half of their terminology means. And I'm getting suspicious that they're just making up stuff up just to fuck with me.
Ankylosaur said @ 12:18am GMT on 26th Apr [Score:1 Classy Pr0n]
Wide Area Network Neighborhood Artisanal Gigabus. These are very common in posimatrix networking when the goal is minimizing neuroschiztopic latency while allowing tunneling of quasi-packets through Van Dorean channels across incompatible Schwa-based hemtoflaps. You know, like when you need to connect a fillibloister gibble max to incorporamping ziddle blox bing zap poot poot? This is all clearly spelled out in the Codex Leicester, if you'd just RTFC.
arrowhen said @ 12:20am GMT on 26th Apr
Wide Area Network Ninja Anchovy Garden, obviously.

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