Saturday, 27 June 2020

I Hear the Screams of the Vegetables

quote [ Scientists Heard Plants Produce Loud Screams When Damaged! ]

I always thought this was New Age claptrap, but dammit, it's true!
Related song in extended.
Oh, and I drew the thumbnail.

[SFW] [science & technology] [+2]
[by Marcel@11:15pmGMT]


C18H27NO3 said @ 8:11pm GMT on 30th Jun
I had to mow my fathers lawn. I guess it was mine as well.

And I used to listen to the screams after every time I mowed the lawn.

It was horrifying.
Paracetamol said @ 11:43am GMT on 2nd Jul
Nice job on the illustration!
Marcel said @ 2:14pm GMT on 2nd Jul
Thanks! It was just a quickie.

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