Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Fursona Non Grata

quote [ Milo Yiannopoulos announced that he has adopted a “fursona” as a snow leopard and that he purchased tickets to a furry convention; in response, organizers rescinded his event registration.
Yiannopoulos also claimed on Telegram that he had submitted a form to suggest he host a panel called “The Politics of Fur.” ]

Millions in debt, deplatformed, and desperate for a new grift, I'm not all that surprised Milo made a cynical attempt to reach out to the furry community.

He's still planning on attending, he has the hotel rooms booked and will have access to the facilities, there are people in the furry community who will welcome him and defend him. But all in all I'll take this as a victory.

Yeah I went for the obvious pun. Always.
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biblebeltdrunk said @ 1:25am GMT on 18th Sep [Score:1 Insightful]
Good to know milos to broke for me to see him in a fur suit, despite his best efforts.
rylex said @ 4:40am GMT on 18th Sep
at some point they'll ostracize him almost like how straight people used to do this to the LGBTQ community. it's almost like they learned it from somewhere... hmmmm.....
snowfox said @ 12:25pm GMT on 18th Sep
There is definitely a Nazi fur fetish... what I did not know is that there may be a substantial number for whom it is not purely a BDSM fetish. There is a pocket of extreme right Nazi-supporters among the furries.

Anyone can be a furry and a furry could be anyone!

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