Thursday, 7 December 2017

We live in a sick world

quote [ Aaron stated he knew the victim hated having sex with him so he figured that the victim might wake up if he had sex with her. ]

Everything, in the end, comes down to timing. One second, one minute, one hour could make all the difference.
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Menchi said @ 2:13pm GMT on 7th Dec [Score:2 Underrated]
Not a single Sexy Losers reference yet? What has SE become :(
cb361 said @ 2:36pm GMT on 7th Dec [Score:1 Underrated]
That was another time and place. Far far away...
microbio said @ 5:51pm GMT on 7th Dec
Oh, damn! I arrived at the original sensibleerection because Sexy Losers.
Headlessfriar said @ 6:52pm GMT on 7th Dec
Me too!
K said @ 3:32am GMT on 8th Dec
Didn't everybody?
stacyswirl said @ 7:44pm GMT on 8th Dec
I sure did!
kylemcbitch said @ 8:02am GMT on 7th Dec
I will give him credit, that has to be the most original argument for necrophilia I've seen.
rezties said @ 8:29am GMT on 7th Dec
Man, I've been doing CPR TOTALLY wrong up until now..
eggboy said @ 8:35am GMT on 7th Dec
cb361 said @ 9:11am GMT on 7th Dec
Dr Board helped humself to some more coffee. "I believe the slang term for it is liking your meat cold."
Dienes said @ 3:17pm GMT on 7th Dec
"registration [on the state’s sex offender registry] is not required for public safety based upon the facts in this case.”

Hope he doesn't switch from already dead women to helping them along, as it were.

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