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Tuesday, 21 February 2023

Problem: New user creation
Description: I was on a different device and went to post and thought I'd create a new account on the device {didn't want to remember easy password} any how

How the heck do new users register. Or is it a closed system. There's no purple coolaid and fun rides to space... not falling for that again ;)

P.S. so is this site worth 1-5 million or is that just that sites lowest value. Would not matter your 3l33t'z any sage advice you could pass onto a budding website proprietor with and

The second address is a place holder I want a "free" screwdriver or its a fanboy page for the Panguin.

[Problem Category: Logging In/Out] [by R1Xhard @7:45am] [Closed]

steele said @10:21am on 21st Feb status changed to: [Closed]
SE registration has been closed for many years due to a lack of moderation and, for a time, an overwhelming amount of spam and nazis. I'm contemplating an application process, but it will probably be some time before that happens.

SE is actually worth $10 million dollars for sentimental reasons, but I would probably let it go for a cool million just because I'm such a generous guy. The secret ingredient to its operation and value, is spite.

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