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For security reasons the new SE is not as forgiving with the HTML it allows in comments, posts, messages, and profiles. In order to avoid making a mess of your comment/post/etc I put together this sandbox so that you can test what you would like to post beforehand. I'm also including a list of the whitelist we are currently using. Also, you may notice iframes are not on the list, this affects things like youtube and vimeo videos. The <SELINK> tag should take care of most of those sites. It's confirmed working with youtube and vimeo. More to come ;)

If you think I've left something off that can be added while still maintaining a secure environment feel free to message me and let me know and I'll be happy to consider it. Thanks, steele

Whitelist of Allowed HTML Tags:


How to Link

<a href="">Link Text Description Goes Here</a>

How to post an Image

Right click on the image to copy the url and then:
<img src="">
put it in spoiler tags if it's huge.
<spoiler><img src=""></spoiler>


Custom Tags:

Remember: Custom tags require an
opening <Tag> and a closing </Tag> notice the "/" in the closing tag.
This tag is used to post spoiler boxes. Just pop the tags around the information you want to hide and a spoiler box will automagically be made for you.
<spoiler>Insert your spoiler here.</spoiler>
This tag is used to post videos. By inserting the url of the video's page. iow the link to the youtube page it will automatically retrieve the video details and embed the video in a spoiler box.
This tag is used to turn a bunch of URLs into plain old links. To be used for saving time when posting a bunch of links without worrying about the html.
This tag is used to mention users in your comments and eventually posts. The username is case sensitive! If done properly it will show up in your comment with the username as a link to their profile and the user will recieve a notification that you mentioned them.
<USER>username goes here.</USER>
The username is case sensitive!
SE Tools
In order to make posting porn more easier I made a javascript bookmarklet that rips the URL and Title of a pornhub page and pre creates the html tag for you. Just drag this link into your bookmark bar in firefox or chrome and then test it by clicking on the page of a random pornhub video.
SE Ripper

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