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Friday, 16 May 2014

Problem: error when paging back from a comment
Description: If I click on a mod/reply to view an individual comment (to see who modded it, for example) and then hit my browser (Chrome, no Facial) instead of submitting a comment or mod, I receive the following error:

"Confirm Form Resubmission

This webpage requires data that you entered earlier in order to be properly displayed. You can send this data again, but by doing so you will repeat any action this page previously performed.
Reload this webpage.
Press the reload button to resubmit the data needed to load the page.
Error code: ERR_CACHE_MISS"

[Problem Category: Comments] [by arrowhen @7:20am] [Closed]

steele said @5:00pm on 19th May
closing re standard browser behavior see ticket 27.

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