random Sensible Endowment tag lines:

KA-CHING! rape dollars! - sacrelicious

In honor of our second anniversary, I've had a prostitute adopted in your name. - steele

I also pee in the shower, but that's for another discussion - snowfox

An aspiring tugger should probably consult a doctor before getting started... - HP Lovekraftwerk

don't try to kill a guy who's willing to go down on you - sanepride

if I can fap to this so can you - Saint_Marck

because we're all bent over a table, and the nervous ass-sweat is providing lubrication - Context

your dongle is not unlike a cownipple - theolypse

this is SE: you can fuck anything - Naruki

yeah, and what about gay porn? - sacrelicious

the sound of one hand clapping is the other hand fapping - YHVH

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