random Sensible Endowment tag lines:

what a bum-flavored funnelcake. - todde

I didn't learn anything, I'm not a better person, but I laughed and wasted a few minutes - Mopy J

if you start running low on space remember you can stack them inside each other. - arrowhen

a wretched soul is he who does not live or lust under summer's rule - arrowhen

one mans pRon is another man WTF - NickelJoe

when nine hundred years old you reach, fap as good you will not - EPT

I cant risk letting my right hand cramp up - lilmookieesquire

now you have an evolutionary excuse - monday

it's like leaving a million tiny calling cards - Sgt Harry Snapper Organs..

it's not because people were disagreeing with me. It's because they were disagreeing with reality - Naruki

Swiss cheese is almost begging for tentacle rape - headlessfriar

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