random Sensible Endowment tag lines:

what a bum-flavored funnelcake. - todde

on the internet, you'll always be 18 to us - Navier-Strokes

head, shoulders heart and groin, HEART AND GROIN - symmetrian

Cry faps, and let slip the dogs of porn! - ralfmaximus

I came for the beaver, I stayed for the quantum theory. And then I came for the beaver again - verycleanteeth

nothing kills the mood faster than a punch to the cunt - Bodnoirbabe

obviously a strongly elongated penis is the solution - mjteegarden

I don't think I can maintain an erection while straddling someone's chest and just punching them in the face - swiggy

why havent we replaced MORE fabrics with bacon-cloth? - wottan

this is SE: you can fuck anything - Naruki

it's a series of n00bs! - Chop-Logik

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