random Sensible Endowment tag lines:

This 'community' consists of nothing more than porn-obsessed technology wankers, who validate their existence by philosophising and analysising the most trivial insignificant matters to superfluous extent - shadystalkerperson

what, you were expecting Kenneth Branagh? - Amul Muzz

we discuss, debate and masturbate - willrogers

you think teaching people to read will fix YouTube comments? - kishi

it's gonna be a huge weinerfest - Silent

to activate the unit, one must tap the unit - HoZay

Putting the fun in mastur-fun-bation. - forgotten

where we help one another out through grope therapy - Navier-Strokes

taser him again, boys - Moke

just because we aren't used to seeing it doesn't mean the universe isn't - Trench

where every month is Breast Awareness Month - cb361

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