random Sensible Endowment tag lines:

where you can be a vagitarian - vahid

damn I am indignant and my panties are in a bunch - madpride

the Internet Bra - fifthSpango

it's like they're staring into my very soul... And giving it an erection - Todomanna

we're just searching for lump - mattfish

I came for the beaver, I stayed for the quantum theory. And then I came for the beaver again - verycleanteeth

comedic sociopathy is what I do for a hobby - rndmnmbr

not a fan of little girls or kittens? do NOT click this link - bltrocker

interesting, if partially nonsensical and disheartening? - mura

how I imagine madpride, only without the anuses - cb361

real men don't need permission to fap - Supreme_Coconut

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