random Sensible Endowment tag lines:

still running version .9 - King of the Hill

marked NSFW because I know you fuckers too well. - Transfer

a hobo lapdance for your soul - mrcookieface

come for the porn, stay for the DIY tips - Ronin.ca

in a hurry to fap? Too bad, 'cause the audio is going to distract the hell out of you - aori

there doesn't seem to be anything here - crom

I'm afraid you can't get the shit back in the horse - sacrelicious

ain't nuthin gay about liking a girl with a pretty cock - sacrelicious

slowly dying in our own vomit - Krutz

the sound of one hand clapping is the other hand fapping - YHVH

a free-style poem with no consistent meter or rhyme scheme - snowfox

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