random Sensible Endowment tag lines:

I did not drink enough red bull for this. - steele

G-spot orgasms are like another instrument in the big band of sexual response - GordonGuano

it's not gay if he looks like a chick - mechanical contrivance

he who falls asleep with sex problem on mind, often wakes up with solution on hand - Chop-Logik

it's gonna be a huge weinerfest - Silent

still running version .9 - King of the Hill

it's almost like having friends - cb361

what a bum-flavored funnelcake. - todde

you can't say things like that, sis. People will make pervy comments - shiney things

man is the most extraordinary computer of all. And women are even cooler - Context

fuck you all and eat a dick. My site, my rules - hacked matt (steele did it)

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