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ID #Ticket SummaryProblem CategoryTicket Status
102Sandbox.php Page Not WorkingCommentsClosedView
101New user creationLogging In/OutClosedView
100SELINK Youtube breaks codeCommentsClosedView
99see errors everywhereMisc.SubmittedView
98see errors everywhereMisc.SubmittedView
97Duplicate char escaping on SELINKCommentsClosedView
96Entry 16290 shows a broken main page instead of comments for that entryCommentsClosedView
95(SELINK unavailable)CommentsClosedView
94'Make Changes' button sends to home pagePostingClosedView
93Karma Approach For New PostsPostingClosedView
92Feed behaves strangely – wrong MIME type?Misc.SubmittedView
91Received spam on an email used only for SESpammersOh, God! WHY!View
90The img tag doesn't seem to be parsing right in my last post. PostingClosedView
89Looks like I got a double notification on a mod? ModsAssignedView
88Random Database Issues .. timeout when interacting with siteMisc.AssignedView
87Prep post is broken.PostingClosedView
86Favicon is too lowresMisc.SubmittedView
85I can no longer find the link to submit a post.PostingClosedView
84So, are we no longer allowed to edit a post after posting?PostingClosedView
83Cannot preview postPostingSubmittedView
82Can't view an entry clicking on comments. CommentsSubmittedView
81cannot browse SE using httpsMisc.AssignedView
80As a user with Karma 1 I can't rate/modModsClosedView
79As a user with Karma 0 I can't rate/modModsClosedView
78Unread message in ad centreMisc.ClosedView
77page is Blank when I scroll down more than a few postsMisc.ClosedView
76cannot post as a conservativePostingClosedView
75I miss madprideMisc.ClosedView
74"Show posts" when no posts = errorProfileClosedView
73My reply to a comment dissappears when I press "post" button.CommentsClosedView
72duplicate notificationsProfileAssignedView
71SELINK with youtube share address, result is blankCommentsClosedView
70I can't make the >_< emoticonCommentsClosedView
69system is erroneously awarding karmaModsAssignedView
68Suffix Dicktates SubTEXTCategoriesClosedView
67Transient Karma Doppelgangers in Sidebar RankingsMisc.ClosedView
66want to use a SSL connectionLogging In/OutClosedView
65SELINK with youtube address, result is blankPostingClosedView
64No credit for streak when using prep postPostingClosedView
63Cannot commentCommentsClosedView
62double and triple comment popsting in the shoutboxShoutboxClosedView
61can;t postPostingClosedView
60Can do position:absolute madnessCommentsAssignedView
59Double comments CommentsClosedView
58New post not showing up at allPostingClosedView
57Ask SE posts never show upPostingClosedView
56have always been an SE memberMisc.ClosedView
55Edit page for a comment is brokenCommentsClosedView
54The SE site and all sub-pages load very slowlyMisc.ClosedView
53Editing post causes quote text field to go blankPostingClosedView
52can't seem to load instal new Sensible FacialMisc.ClosedView
51Comment text box hides "post" button on phoneCommentsClosedView
50entry watchlist fails to perform as intendedMisc.ClosedView
49<LINKIFY> removes trailing close parenthesisCommentsClosedView
48Logging n for session onlyLogging In/OutClosedView
47Can't raise a ticket"Misc.ClosedView
46Links in extended don't open in new window.Misc.ClosedView
45Broken comment can't be edited, modded, replied to.CommentsClosedView
44Have to change my time zone to account for daylight saving time.ProfileClosedView
43Inventory not available to gift people despite large number of giftsSubscriptionsClosedView
41Bad ssl cert + no encrypted connection anywayMisc.ClosedView
40iPhone eats modsModsClosedView
39New comments overwriting old onesCommentsClosedView
38message notification returnsMisc.ClosedView
37Page of craziness appeared while previewingPostingClosedView
36I want to contribute money?Misc.ClosedView
35Logs me out after commentingLogging In/OutClosedView
34Can't post to the same category - too soon.PostingClosedView
33replying to comment on SHiTphoneCommentsClosedView
32post ranking vs listed mods mismatchModsClosedView
31Custom ad shows as blank previewMisc.ClosedView
30when i select all, copy, and paste I get extra coding when ip-logged outCommentsClosedView
29Abandoned post still shows up in searchPostingClosedView
28Error text appears when "No vote" is selected while moderating.ModsClosedView
27re: ticket #25CommentsClosedView
26re: the ticket I just submitted.CommentsClosedView
25error when paging back from a commentCommentsClosedView
24My phone is the devil's toolLogging In/OutClosedView
23log out doesn't workLogging In/OutClosedView
22embeded videos showing as a blank white boxCommentsClosedView
21SE is open to an OpenSSL vulnerabilityLogging In/OutClosedView
20Two column index link missingLogging In/OutClosedView
19Error message appears when modding postModsClosedView
18sometimes can't modModsClosedView
17Low-priority. P5 (Best Endeavours).PostingClosedView
16Error after trying to update profile pageProfileClosedView
15Mod/Reply #2CommentsClosedView
14home.2 link is missing from headerCategoriesClosedView
13Unable to mod commentsModsClosedView
12Editing post also updates posting time/date stampPostingClosedView
11MySQL errors display when posting commentsCommentsClosedView
10Bad link in random imageCategoriesClosedView
9Support link doesn't show up on the about pageCategoriesClosedView
8Mod is blank next to modder's nameModsClosedView
6Bleb's avatar won't avatate.ProfileClosedView
5Kaspersky is throwing an error and preventing this website from loading.Logging In/OutClosedView
HOT!4Cannot stay logged in.Logging In/OutClosedView
2This is just a random test.CommentsClosedView
1My country promotes slavery. CommentsOh, God! WHY!View

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