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Saturday, 6 November 2021


quote [ sometimes, a vampire just has to sing

Many years ago, Brian David Gilbert and Jonah Scott talked about how most of ABBA's music could be sung by Halloween villains. This year, they turned that 3 minute conversation into a full album. ]

A week late, but still funny.
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Wednesday, 20 October 2021

What should Facebook?s new name be?

quote [ Facebook is planning to rebrand the company with a new name ]

In these dismal times, there are sprouts of human intelligence.
Cambridge Analytica
Big Brother
Facebook pro
[SFW] [humor]
[by yunnaf@2:52pmGMT] [6 comments]

Sunday, 29 August 2021

House Hunters, 2051

quote [ the oven was not large enough to cook a traditional Thanksgiving roach. ]

Humm, rather funny. Full in extended.

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Monday, 2 August 2021

Bo Burnham: How The World Works

quote [ Here's a happy little song about the world sung by Bo Burnham and his special friend, Socko. Bo Burnham: Inside is streaming now on Netflix. ]

If you haven't seen Inside yet, what are you waiting for?
[SFW] [humor] [+2]
[by steele@5:16pmGMT] [3 comments]

Monday, 26 July 2021

The San Diego Comic-Con news generator

quote [ SDCC won?t bring down any roofs this year, so this is the next best thing ]

Comic Con Zing! Pack the whole stadium
[SFW] [humor] [+2 Funny]
[by ScoobySnacks@11:42amGMT] [3 comments]

Wednesday, 30 June 2021

The Mystic Crystal

quote [ Ninja Sex Party
Dan Avidan: Vocals
Brian Wecht: Keys & Synths
Havve Hogan: Drums
Lord Phobos: Guitar
Doctor Sung: Synths & Keys
Commander Meouch: Bass ]

Apparently I've been missing out on the Ninja Sex Party.
[SFW] [humor] [+2]
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Saturday, 5 June 2021

How To Lose Weight In 4 Easy Steps!

quote [ Losing weight and getting fit has never been easier! Shed those unwanted pounds with these simple tricks your gym doesn't want you to know about. You won't b... ]

Time to get into shape for the new year!
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[by lilmookieesquire@6:36amGMT] [3 comments]

Wednesday, 2 June 2021

Bo Burnham: FaceTime with My Mom (Tonight)

quote [ She'll tell you all about the Season 6 finale of The Blacklist.Bo Burnham: Inside is streaming now on Netflix ]

Bo Burnham rides again! He's got a new show on Netflix. He's made something amazing again, but if you're going through a rough time maybe wait to watch, it does get a bit dark.
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[by steele@1:53pmGMT] [0 comments]

Thursday, 15 April 2021

Just One Day - 2winz▓ (Official Video)

quote [ Official video for "Just One Day" by 2winz▓. Stream the hit new single from TBD, AtSign, Juunyur, and Dale here: ]

Simping for Dale. No ragerts.
[SFW] [humor] [+2]
[by steele@2:10amGMT] [2 comments]

Monday, 29 March 2021

Memorial Honors Victims Of Imminent Dam Disaster

quote [ Officials in California dedicated the Folsom Dam Memorial, which will honor the nearby residents that will die when the faulty dam fails. ]

I found capitalism's [select one: pandemic, climate change, economic collapse, white supremacist bombing] plan!
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[by steele@9:29pmGMT] [3 comments]

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