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Tuesday, 23 November 2021

Evil Corp: 'My hunt for the world's most wanted hackers'

quote [ The BBC?s Joe Tidy goes to Russia in search of men on the FBI?s cyber most wanted list. ]

Wanna be hackers? Code crackers? Slackers
[SFW] [crime & punishment]
[by ScoobySnacks@6:00amGMT] [1 comment]

Friday, 5 November 2021

The Greatest Unsolved Heist in Irish History

quote [ Scandal, conspiracy, and cover-ups in the theft of the "Irish Crown Jewels" from Dublin Castle. ]

Prizes through heist entice minds to deal in missions vice
[SFW] [crime & punishment]
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Wednesday, 13 October 2021

Vision Zero Reporting

quote [ Improving the way car crashes are reported in local media by using natural language processing to identify editorial anti-patterns that obscure the preventable nature of crashes. ]

that's an interesting way of highlighting journalistic bias in favour of cars.
[SFW] [crime & punishment] [+4 Good]
[by Paracetamol@3:52pmGMT] [2 comments]

Tuesday, 12 October 2021

San Diego police officer charged with pulling gun in alleged road rage

quote [ He is now assigned to administrative duties. His attorney says it was the other driver who engaged in ?serious? road rage. ]

When I hear someone say " it was the other guy who was doing the road rage!" the first thing that comes to mind is "that shit didn't work in the 3rd grade, and it's not gonna work with your boss..."
[SFW] [crime & punishment]
[by knumbknutz@7:42pmGMT] [7 comments]

Friday, 8 October 2021

US Marshals have tracked down man they were looking for at Dodgers game -- but that's not enough to nab fugitive

quote [ Marshals Deputy Pat Valdenor met with the man and his family in a Los Angeles suburb and fingerprinted him to confirm his identity, Danielle Shimchick, deputy US marshal, confirmed to CNN.

Through that process, Valdenor was able to clearly see the difference between Ruffo's fingerprints and the man at the Dodgers game. A birth certificate also separated the two men. ]

I'm gonna type that again - "met with the man and his family in a Los Angeles suburb and fingerprinted him to confirm his identity. A birth certificate also separated the two men."

What the ever loving fuck? A grainy picture and an anonymous source on a phone call, and the cops storm his house and demand he prove who he is?

Didn't know whether to tag it as this, or dystopian violence. The U.S. is fucked.
[SFW] [crime & punishment] [+1 Interesting]
[by knumbknutz@3:08pmGMT] [2 comments]

Sunday, 3 October 2021

US Army attacked by Ninja warrior

quote [ A sword wielding man in ?full ninja garb? launched a surprise nighttime attack on an Army Special Operations unit in California ? injuring two soldiers before he was finally arrested ]

You can never predict a ninja attack.
[SFW] [crime & punishment] [+2]
[by the circus@1:24amGMT] [5 comments]

Wednesday, 29 September 2021

Los Angeles DA moves to dismiss nearly 60,000 marijuana convictions

quote [ The new dismissals mean the possibility of better futures for thousands of people, Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascn said. ]

This is rad as hell and I'm so excited!
[SFW] [crime & punishment] [+4 Good]
[by ooo[......7@1:39amGMT] [2 comments]

Thursday, 26 August 2021

How trafficked cheetah cubs move from the wild and into your Instagram feed

quote [ Criminal networks in Somaliland smuggle cubs out of Africa to wealthy buyers abroad. Now the breakaway African state is fighting back. ]

I've got a pet cheetah down in my basement
[SFW] [crime & punishment] [+1 Sad]
[by ScoobySnacks@5:03amGMT] [0 comments]

Monday, 23 August 2021

The Dresden Job

quote [ Inside the race to recover a priceless royal treasure and finally catch an audacious band of thieves. ]

And dark, dark tales from the Desden den
[SFW] [crime & punishment] [+1 Interesting]
[by ScoobySnacks@5:01amGMT] [2 comments]

Wednesday, 9 June 2021

FBI sold phones to organized crime and read 27 million ?encrypted? messages

quote [ Messages were routed to an FBI-owned server and decrypted with master key. ]

the harbored light, the encrypted message
[SFW] [crime & punishment] [+2]
[by ScoobySnacks@5:00amGMT] [1 comment]

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