I'm not sure I see the point to a sex bot who's only vulnerability is exposure to fluids
Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Half-Life 2: VR ? Public Beta Announcement Trailer

quote [ We've been rather busy in your absence, Mister Freeman. The wait is nearly over, and the Half-Life 2: VR public beta is launching in September. And yes, we do mean this year! :) ]

Honestly, can't remember if I played Half Life 2 or not, but definitely looking forward to this.
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Optical 2D Tracking: Move in VR with 1:1 Real-Life Accuracy - TECH Test

quote [ KAT Walk C 2 is now LIVE ON KICKSTARTER! ]

I really, really want to play with one of these. But I'll probably just end up doing a cheap DIY one.?
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Wednesday, 11 May 2022

Japan's giant robot fixes railway wires

quote [ Appearing like something straight out of a sci-fi movie, this giant humanoid robot can lift up special equipment and carry out maintenance work on out-of-reach railway contact lines in Japan. ]

Lol pretty sure I mentioned a setup like this a few years ago while talking about how VR is going to advance automation through training neural networks.

Also I wish America was a real country with an up to date rail infrastructure. ?
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Saturday, 26 February 2022

The People Who Roleplay as UK MPs on Reddit

quote [ The Tories aren't in power, at least not in this subreddit ]

I have no words about this form of escapism.
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Wednesday, 9 February 2022

Into The Metaverse

quote [ Hi. In today's episode, we explore vast new digital worlds! An ever-expanding landscape of virtual delights and innovations! That you have to pay for with a hideous illustration of a monkey! ]

He's got some good takes, probably a bit more optimistic about the future than I am though
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Monday, 31 January 2022

Feeling PAIN in VR changes EVERYTHING

quote [ What if you could feel actual PAIN in virtual reality? What if whatever game or simulation you were in allowed you to feel whatever was happening to you? Would you put yourself in pain just to heighten your immersion?

Today I am taking a look at two electrostimulation suits I tried, the hyper advanced and amazing Teslasuit and the newcomer on the block- OWO Skin. Two e-stim devices built to quite literally shock you, allowing your muscles to contract and pain to be felt through electrical pulses in the shirt/ suit. I'm honestly not sure if the world is ready for this, but it's coming anyways- and I'm so excited to see everyone's reactions. ]

Kinda feeling like I need me an OWO.

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Monday, 29 November 2021

Dreams are a precious resource. Don?t let advertisers hack them

quote [ Dream-hacking techniques can help us create, heal and have fun. They could also become tools of commercial manipulation. ]

Lol, this essay might as well be my arguments against Facebook buying Oculus years ago. Major parallels with the future of VR and Biometrics. Fun times ahead!
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Wednesday, 24 November 2021

I ran across an entire CONTINENT in VR with an Omni-Direction Treadmill

quote [ Hello! Today I challenge myself to run across the entire Skyrim map from bottom to top.. entirely in VR with an Omnidirectional Treadmill. Total distance is very approximately calculated to 13 miles, give or take a few, all in one go. This was one of the harder VR challenges I have done, especially because of the nature of a Katwalk C. The real question is, what breaks first? Me or the Omnidirectional treadmill? ]

I would very much like to try one of these.
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Thursday, 18 November 2021

Touching the digital world with haptic gloves

quote [ helping the computer to accurately understand and reflect the wearer?s hand movements, and reproducing a range of complex, nuanced sensations for the wearer such as pressure, texture, and vibration to create the effect of feeling a virtual object with your hands ]

While Steele was rescuing SE, Facebook did this
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Tuesday, 2 November 2021

Something isn't right about Meta's Metaverse

quote [ Hello, today I break down Facebook change to Meta and Meta's commitment to the metaverse. There is so much to unpack here. One one hand Meta is offering to build our virtual world and provide jobs and money to anyone and everyone in it. On the other hand, this isn't yours our my metaverse. This isn't built by the people for the people. This doesn't feel right and there is everything at stake here. Please let me know your thoughts. ]

Mostly a good watch about how Facebook is basically trying to hijack the future of the internet... Essentially in the same way that Microsoft tried to own the web with Internet Explorer now that I think about it. They failed long term, but fucked things up for the rest of us a lot in the process and Facebook has much more of a hold on things than Microsoft did back then.

Sadly, no one could have seen this coming. /s

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