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Saturday, 11 May 2024

The Longest-Running Laboratory Experiment In The World Is Streaming Live Right Now

quote [ The experiment takes so long, two of the people running it died before seeing a drop. ]

Remember seeing this on a school trip to the science museum, the person in charge spun a story about how no one had ever seen it drop at the time how there were ghost stories and wild nights with storms.

Impush young me suggested a camera and he said that was in the planning stages.

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Monday, 8 April 2024

Software tax Australia: ATO in stand-off with US tech giants over transaction dispute

quote [ The issue arose because software is no longer sold in a box with manuals – the transaction is now all digital. ]

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Behold, a giant AI-generated rat penis

quote [ The fact that rats aren't running around dragging giant meat swords along the ground was already a fair giveaway that something was rotten with the state... ]

The anatomically incorrect ratwurst was somehow published in a scientific journal.
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Notepad++ wants your help in "parasite website" shutdown

quote [ The Notepad++ project is seeking the public's help in taking down a copycat website that closely impersonates Notepad++ but is not affiliated with the project. There is some concern that it could pose security threats—for example, if it starts pushing malicious releases or spam someday either deliberately or as a result of a hijack. ]

How would one make a spoof go poof?
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Scientists Accidentally Made a Mouse Grow Legs in Place of Genitals

quote [ Turning off a gene early in mouse development led researchers to end up with an accidental six-legged embryonic mammal. ]

Keep going until we create Centi-musculus.

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Google Has Officially Killed Cache Links

quote [ Twenty-five years ago, the internet was kludged together with duct tape and a dream. Sometimes typing in a URL brought up a website. Sometimes things were just broken. Google, then just a bizarrely named startup, would soon offer a solution. The company added “cache” links to its search results, which brought up a previously saved […] ]

In my day Cache was more reliable.
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Monday, 29 January 2024


quote [ gun control,gun violence,gun,gun control bill,gun control debate,gun control in america,gun laws,control,gun control laws,gun control 2022,gun control news,g... ]

As a none American, is Trump like going to be allowed to run for President again?

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Tuesday, 2 January 2024

Mickey Mouse is free: Day Disney feared has finally arrived

quote [ The day Disney has been fighting against for decades has arrived. The copyright to Mickey Mouse has expired and passed into the public domain. ]

So fanart for fan fiction called Steam Boat Willy would be OK now?
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Thursday, 12 October 2023

Tributes for eccentric US philanthropist Chuck Feeney, Queensland science's 'champion of giving' - ABC News

quote [ For Queensland scientists, the rustle of a plastic bag was what announced the arrival of "penniless" billionaire Chuck Feeney. ]

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Sunday, 24 September 2023

PAYWALLED: PNG Governor asks for Assistance

quote [ The governor of a remote Papua New Guinea province racked by tribal fighting has appealed for Australian help as the nation struggles to contain surging violence that has seen dead people dragged by four wheel-drives and a flood of automatic weapons into the country’s Highlands. ]

So I was wondering if anyone might of had a Wall ST subscription and might of been able to communicate the rest of the article.

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