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Thursday, 24 August 2017

This just in: DreamHost being DDOSed

quote [ Web Hosting Company Suffers DDoS Attack After Court Rules They Must Reveal Visitors To Anti-Trump Site ]

It seems that Dreamhost is really taking a hit.

There are some additional links in the extended.

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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

leeluu - nightlight (indiegogo)

quote [ LeeLuu Nightlights are the cuddliest, most magical soft nightlights to help kids sleep! They can sense your touch and they give children a comforting light when they need it. ]

MY STUDENTS! Their indiegogo! Finally!!!! I'm so damn proud of them! Empowering kids to sleep better! And the thing has eTextile-components inside!!!

Sorry for the shameless promotion, I'm just so proud of their hard work and that they have finally overcome so many hurdles, and managed to do this. (I don't get any money out of this, even though I've been teaching and advising them on this. I just honestly want them to succeed. )

I'm heading to sleep now, as it's way past late here. Also, if you want send/put up any questions, I'll see if I can answer those.
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Sunday, 21 September 2014


quote [ is the home to comics I make from a world called Overside. Beginning in 2006, I've been working to build a world of comics with a rich history and a unique aesthetic. There are currently over one thousand pages of material on this site, which you can read for free. ]

Really nice bunch of comics, with a rich background. Read the Order of tales during the spring, and was impressed by it. Contains a few stories all set in the same world.

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Wednesday, 19 March 2014


quote [ A child?s diabetes diagnosis often turns the family?s life upside down. Recognising this concern, we want to make everyday life easier for diabetics, so that they can achieve a good balance of care as easily as possible. ]

A shameless plug for an old student of mine. They struggled for a long time to get the damn thing on the market, and now they finally got it! They got turned down in many places, due to "child diabetes being a too small market for a specialized product". I am very, very happy that she pulled this off!

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