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Friday, 29 September 2023

The Dollop #330 - Feinstein and The Flag

quote [ Comedians Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds examine Dianne Feinstein and her flag. ]

Just a good ol' story about a dead lady and the Confederate flag.
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Wednesday, 27 September 2023

The Dark World of Young Blood Transfusions

quote [ Go to - we need your blood!Follow us on twitter: ]

"Capital is dead labor, which, vampire-like, lives only by sucking living labor, and lives the more, the more labor it sucks" - some guy.
[SFW] [dystopian violence] [+2 WTF]
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Wednesday, 20 September 2023

The Truth About Master Splinter and Shredder

quote [ 34.6K Likes, 904 Comments. TikTok video from Luke Capasso (@lukecapasso): "#onthisday #repost #ninjaturtles #tmnt #mastershedder #splinter #turtles #80s #80scartoon #teenagemutantninjaturtles #crane #90skids #80sbaby #90sbaby #foryou #foryourpage #foryoupage". Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. do better
4 shredder original sound - Luke Capasso. ]

I mean, if the TVs are being stolen from big corporations, that's morally okay in my book.
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Sunday, 17 September 2023

The 60-Year-Old Scientific Screwup That Helped Covid Kill

quote [ All pandemic long, scientists brawled over how the virus spreads. Droplets! No, aerosols! At the heart of the fight was a teensy error with huge consequences. ]

It's an older article, but a fascinating write-up on how misinformation can become foundational to a knowledgebase.
[SFW] [health] [+6]
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Saturday, 9 September 2023

Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake | Official Trailer

quote [ Based on characters from the beloved “Adventure Time” franchise, this brand-new 10-episode series set in the land of Ooo follows the alternate universe versions of Finn & Jake on a multiverse-hopping journey towards self-discovery. When Fionna and her sidekick Cake find themselves in the crosshairs of a powerful new foe, they have no choice but to seek the help of former Ice King Simon Petrikov. ]

ADVENTURE TIME HAS GONE WOKE!!!! lol. new Adventure Time, follows up the Distant Lands specials they did over the last couple years. 4 episodes out so far. If you're fans of the original series you'll probably dig this.
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Wednesday, 6 September 2023

THE BOY AND THE HERON | Official Teaser Trailer

quote [ A young boy named Mahito
yearning for his mother
ventures into a world shared by the living and the dead.

There, death comes to an end,
and life finds a new beginning.

A semi-autobiographical fantasy
about life, death, and creation,
in tribute to friendship,
from the mind of Hayao Miyazaki. ]

Looks nifty.
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Monday, 28 August 2023

a dream i had the other day

quote [ shot-for-shot remake of BDG's Dream (2023) ]

The man is an international treasure.
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Friday, 25 August 2023

Blowback Season 4 Trailer

quote [ Season 4 releasing August 25th. ]

Happy Blowback Day!

Blowback - S4 Episode 1 - "Snake Eater" on Stitcher

Blowback website

Blowback Podcast Season 4: America's Time in Afghanistan After 9/11 - Variety
[SFW] [history] [+1 Interesting]
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Sunday, 13 August 2023


quote [ With Your Support we can BRING EPISODE 3 TO LIFE! Join Us ► Edition Merch! the Kingdom n... ]

NGL, it got some pretty good laughs out of me.
[SFW] [tv & movies] [+1 Interesting]
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Thursday, 10 August 2023

'This is going to get worse before it gets better': Panama Canal pileup due to drought reaches 154 vessels

quote [ Ongoing drought conditions and Panama Canal restrictions due to lower water levels are causing massive shipping congestion at the key trade gateway. ]

Like watching the wheels on a shopping cart wobble harder and harder until they start flying off.
[SFW] [business] [+2]
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