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Thursday, 14 October 2021

The Real-Life Auto Strike Behind the Runaway Netflix Hit Squid Game

quote [ The real-life 77-day SsangYong strike resulted when the company unexpectedly laid off 43 percent of its entire workforce (2,646 workers) to facilitate a profit-driven transfer of its assets to global investors; the company was purchased by a Chinese company, Shanghai Motors, and then purchased again by an Indian company, Mahindra & Mahindra.

After the strike was violently suppressed, the strikers were blackballed from employment with other large Korean companies. In addition, SsangYong and local police used civil courts to sue them for damaging the company. Union members were ordered to pay hefty “economic damage” fines of about $9 million—a sum that these workers did not have and would never see in their lives. What’s more, the deferred interest on these fines was to increase by 620,000 won per day, soon exceeding 1.5 times the principal owed.

To pay these astronomical fines for their union activity, workers’ wages and assets (including even their homes) were sometimes seized by courts. They were delivered to SsangYong Motor Company or the police under Korea’s harsh anti-union “economic damage” compensation laws. ]

This article has spoilers for Squid Game. Pretty interesting read if you've already seen the show.
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Wednesday, 13 October 2021

Black Children Were Jailed for a Crime That Doesn’t Exist. Almost Nothing Happened to the Adults in Charge.

quote [ Judge Donna Scott Davenport oversees a juvenile justice system in Rutherford County, Tennessee, with a staggering history of jailing children. She said kids must face consequences, which rarely seem to apply to her or the other adults in charge. ]

I can't decide if it's worse that we find out that this whole monstrous thing is another Kids for cash scandal, or it's just the typical white supremacist "justice system" in action.
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Tuesday, 12 October 2021

A Brief History And Future of Screwing Over Haiti

quote [ Hi. Here is a pretty depressing episode about the history of Haiti and all of the terrible people, institutions, and worldviews that continue to screw it over. ]

Cody captures my emotional state pretty well when it comes to these sorts of topics.
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Monday, 4 October 2021

Facebook is down, along with Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Oculus VR

quote [ It’s always DNS. ]

LOL. So there's also a tweet in the extended of an NYTimes reporter saying they spoke to a FB employee that said they can't get into their building because their card reader system isn't working. Which isn't out of the question for access control systems that authenticate over IP.

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Friday, 1 October 2021

Six-Month Sentence for Lawyer Who Took on Chevron Denounced as 'International Outrage'

quote [ "This ruling was done to deter ANYONE from crossing corporate special interests." ]

Surprised I've never posted about Steven Donziger before.

Long story short he's a human rights lawyer who helped Ecuadorean people who were victims of Texaco's (now owned by Chevron) environmental malfeasance decades ago. He repeatedly won in Ecuador's courts, only to have the ruling overturned by US courts. He was then accused of corruption by Chevron, found in contempt of court (by a federalist judge with connections to Chevron) when he refused to reveal sources, and has been under house arrest for the past two years.

UN Says Steven Donziger’s House Arrest Violates International Law
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Monday, 27 September 2021

The BEST VR Headset in the WORLD - I CAN'T GO BACK!

quote [ This is the Varjo XR3, legit the best VR and XR headset I have ever used. Some of my experiences in this video could be categorized as a life changing experience, especially in the Virtual World. This was one of the coolest devices I have ever used. I want to thank Foxguard solutions for letting me borrow this headset for a while to make a video. ]

I really, really, really, really want to try one of these. The Varjo headsets keep getting better and better.

Humble Bundle is running their Fall VR Bundle with some decent games.

Fanatical also has a VR bundle which is really good given how inexpensive it is.

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Sunday, 26 September 2021

Valley Fever Is Spreading Through a Hotter, Drier Western US

quote [ Researchers haven’t pinned down exactly what’s behind the rise of the deadly fungal disease. But one thing is nearly certain: Climate change plays a role. ]

Oh, good, one more fucked up thing to worry about.
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Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Record shattered: 73 container ships stuck waiting off California

quote [ Supply chain crisis deepens as more imports snared in historic ship queue off Los Angeles/Long Beach. ]

A fascinating twitter thread filled with links about the supply chain collapse basically in progress

An interesting side effect is that all those worries about companies automating jobs away from low wage workers have basically gone out the window. Turns out you can't replace people with robots when your supply chain can't get you the parts to do so.

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Thursday, 16 September 2021

Tampa police called for hundreds to be evicted. Entire families lost their homes.

quote [ Since 2013, the Tampa Police Department has taken a hands-on role at more than 100 apartment communities, sending notices to landlords when their tenants are arrested or stopped by officers and encouraging their eviction.

The program, known as Crime-Free Multi Housing, was marketed to landlords as a way to keep violent crime and drug and gang activity off their properties.


But the program also swept up more than 100 people who were arrested for misdemeanors — and dozens more whose charges were later dropped, a Tampa Bay Times investigation has found.


And roughly 90 percent of the 1,100 people flagged by the program were Black, police records show. That’s despite Black residents making up only 54 percent of all arrests in Tampa over the past eight years. ]

Well, at least it's just an isolated incident in Florida of all places and oh, Crime-Free Housing Lets Police Influence Landlords - The Atlantic

So it turns out this is a nationwide thing often used by local governments in conjunction with their real estate developing friends to clear (typically) black people out of areas to be redeveloped. They make a deal with the police, cops go gung ho and do stop and frisk type shit to poor people en masse, leading to eviction after eviction.
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Tuesday, 14 September 2021

U.K. Parliament report details how NATO's 2011 war in Libya was based on lies

quote [ British investigation: Gaddafi was not going to massacre civilians; Western bombing made Islamist extremism worse ]

The number of people I know who know flat out nothing about Libya but rationalized Gaddafi's violent murder in the streets because he was kinda creepy to Condoleezza Rice is too damn high. We took a country with the highest standards of living in Africa and turned it into a war zone with open air slave markets.

Mission Accomplished, y'all.👏👏👏
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