Monday, 3 July 2017

In other news Bernie Bros still mad because they were right and nobody cares.

quote [ It’s becoming increasingly clear that the only way forward is going to have to be an abandonment of the Democratic Party by progressives and its replacement by a genuine progressive socialist party that is clearly of and for working people, and for those who cannot find work in this increasingly dystopic America. ]

I don't agree with abandoning the party. But they need to stop doing the same thing and expecting it to work. Just because the other guy is bad doesn't mean you don't have to be good.
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evil_eleet said @ 8:47pm GMT on 3rd Jul
Check the date on your article. And you may have missed the memo, but the "Bernie Bros" were the Russians!
HoZay said @ 9:01pm GMT on 3rd Jul
blacksun said @ 11:19pm GMT on 3rd Jul
It's really simple. Big-this and big-that places their money with the candidate that they think will work with their interests, not all of which are good for the American people. This could be anyone democrat, republican or other to varying degrees on a case by case basis. Whether or not the Bernie movement could sidestep this entrenched corruption is unknown and may never be. But the point is, lots and lots of people want a solution to the clusterfuck that is the current US government. Some want it dismantled so they can do their business and prosper their own way. Others want it reformed and rebuilt in ways giving more power to all citizens. My guess is that neither will prevail and it will be business as usual.

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