Sunday, 23 April 2017


It's a little over an hour long.
[SFW] [religion & spirituality] [+4 Original]
[by Bleb@10:15amGMT]


Ankylosaur said @ 11:09am GMT on 23rd Apr
If you're not watching this at least once a day, you'll have no idea where your pipe could be.
satanspenis666 said @ 1:51pm GMT on 23rd Apr
I wouldn't want to live in a world where I didn't watch this at least once a day.
Ankylosaur said @ 2:03pm GMT on 23rd Apr
And yet you've never posted it. Do your part!
Jodan said @ 4:36pm GMT on 23rd Apr
+1 Original
-1 What the actual fuck?!
Paracetamol said @ 7:04pm GMT on 23rd Apr
Ankylosaur said @ 11:54pm GMT on 23rd Apr [Score:1 Insightful]
Can it really be a repost when every viewing unveils new vistas of insight into the nature of the universe?
Bleb said @ 7:12pm GMT on 23rd Apr
Well, shit. So it is. I searched "07/27/1978" which returned about 1.6 million matches. I'd replace it with porn, but it's probably just as easy for you to pick a tube site at random and click on a thumbnail that interests you.

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