Friday, 14 April 2017

Is Trump At Mar-A-Lago?

Just like Abe Vigoda Status, only sad.
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cb361 said @ 12:08am GMT on 15th Apr [Score:1 Underrated]
How much would it cost to keep them there all the time?
maximumtodd said @ 5:26pm GMT on 15th Apr [Score:1 Underrated]
I wish modern presidents would appreciate Camp David more.
sanepride said @ 10:42pm GMT on 15th Apr [Score:1 Informative]
Interesting item here about that. Bill Clinton was the last president to visit regularly and famously came within a hare's breath from brokering an Israeli/Palestinian peace deal there.
The local residents, who voted overwhelmingly for Trump, are apparently fine with him rejecting it as a presidential retreat ("you'd like it for about 30 minutes" he said).
C18H27NO3 said @ 11:10pm GMT on 16th Apr
You mean the way he thought the towels on air force one weren't soft enough? Or was that fake news.
sanepride said @ 1:17am GMT on 17th Apr
'reportedly'. Considering who we're talking about here, that's good enough for me.
SnappyNipples said @ 1:50am GMT on 15th Apr
Eventually he's going to put Palm Beach out of business for shutting it down all the time he visits.
midden said @ 2:12am GMT on 15th Apr
Last I checked, Abe Vigoda is still dead. Sad!
Headlessfriar said @ 2:16am GMT on 15th Apr [Score:1 Underrated]
Also, I hear he smells like dead Fish.
Wulf said @ 3:52am GMT on 15th Apr
Jim Varney too.
midden said @ 5:01am GMT on 15th Apr
Not in the same league, however.
sanepride said @ 10:43pm GMT on 15th Apr
To be fair, Varney had a much shorter career.
captainstubing said @ 1:52am GMT on 17th Apr
Reg Varney didn't.
sanepride said @ 3:11am GMT on 15th Apr
Fish said @ 5:44am GMT on 15th Apr
I remember the outrage you all had for Obama's vacations and junkets, so I totally agree with this.
Ankylosaur said @ 8:18am GMT on 15th Apr [Score:3 Underrated]
Nice try, but...

Donald Trump’s trips to his luxury Florida resort have already cost the US taxpayer at least $24 million (£19.2 million) - roughly as much as Barack Obama spent on travel in the first two years of his presidency.

Plus his use of his own properties, including Trump Tower where the SS is renting out space, means he is scamming you, the taxpayer, out of money by forcing government agencies and officials to pay him to do their jobs.

Can you point to similar behavior by Obama?
foobar said @ 8:27am GMT on 15th Apr [Score:1 Underrated]
And silence.
sanepride said @ 10:46pm GMT on 15th Apr
Not to mention the Secret Service details having to protect Beavis and Butthead Trump as they travel the globe promoting Dad's businesses.
knumbknutz said @ 1:40am GMT on 16th Apr
And - back to the youtube comments section.
Fish said @ 5:27am GMT on 23rd Apr
Because I wait around to see what dipshits like you think... dumbass

Get out of your mom's basement
robotroadkill said @ 11:14am GMT on 15th Apr
Trump harshly criticized Obama for the few breaks he actually took, and claimed that he would be so busy Presidenting in Washington that he wouldn't have time to leave the white house or for golf. This information has been so widely reported that you either are ignoring it intentionally to defend Trump, or your head is so far in the sand that you're ignorant of it. Neither option gives you any credibility.
Fish said @ 5:35am GMT on 23rd Apr
>> for the few breaks he actually took

Clearly honesty is not your strong suit
robotroadkill said @ 1:27am GMT on 24th Apr
Evasion is yours, clearly, since the facts are not in your favor.
Jack Blue said[1] @ 12:06pm GMT on 15th Apr
You remember me being upset about Obamas vacation? You sure that was me? I can't recall giving it much thought till recently.
pleaides said @ 8:34am GMT on 15th Apr
What a dickhead
yunnaf said @ 4:40am GMT on 16th Apr
Hey, there's lot's of room at Guantanamo

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