Monday, 6 March 2017

In Conversation:
David Letterman

quote [ "So — I’m lonely, I can’t stop talking. This is like visitors’ day at prison for me." ]

An in-depth interview about Letterman since late night, and what very much feels like many months of pent-up thoughts about Donald Trump.
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[by Bleb@7:56pmGMT]


XregnaR said @ 8:03pm GMT on 6th Mar
Dat beard tho...
sanepride said @ 8:11pm GMT on 6th Mar
RIP :(

Wait...he's not dead?
rylex said @ 8:55pm GMT on 6th Mar
nope, just his career.
mechanical contrivance said @ 9:30pm GMT on 6th Mar
I don't care about David Letterman and never watched his show, yet I just read that whole interview. Weird.
cakkafracle said @ 11:06pm GMT on 6th Mar
you missed out on an entertaining 30 years then, esp back in the 80s
Bleb said @ 1:20am GMT on 7th Mar
I started reading it this morning and had to tear myself away to get to work. It's a compelling read. His TV shtick was hit-or-miss and I think he phoned it in for many of the later years, but I've always found him fascinating.
C18H27NO3 said @ 3:28pm GMT on 7th Mar
Yeah, hit and miss humor. He was just boring and juvenile more often than not. He was funny very early in his career, not so much for the second half.
captainstubing said @ 1:38am GMT on 7th Mar
Is he a sailor now? Or are him and Michael Stipe brewing up something together?
Headlessfriar said @ 2:50pm GMT on 7th Mar
I was thinking more hobo santa.
knumbknutz said @ 6:42am GMT on 7th Mar
Did he put the donald on his naughty-list?

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