Thursday, 9 October 2014

Flying Car

quote [ It has been a sci-fi dream for decades - a car that can simply take to the air to avoid traffic.
However, a Slovakian firm has said it has finally cracked the problem.
The AeroMobil can fly 430 miles on a tank of petrol - and when its wings fold down, it'll fit into a normal parking space. ]

Looks more like a driving plane to me, but whatever, still pretty cool.
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[by michaelofoz@2:07amGMT]


robotroadkill said @ 2:11am GMT on 9th Oct [Score:4 Insightful]
It doesn't count unless you can vertically blast off in the middle of gridlock traffic and deploy a giant middle finger to everyone stuck there.
shiftace said @ 2:49am GMT on 9th Oct
A gnome flinger would be a more practical and cooler mode of transportation.
twinkle said @ 4:42am GMT on 9th Oct
man people can't even drive in TWO dimensions I aint about to see a load of yahoos doing air-donuts and filling the friendly skies with truck-nuts
GordonGuano said @ 12:45pm GMT on 9th Oct
You have to admit, seeing someone get teabagger like that would be hella sick.
mechanical contrivance said @ 1:28pm GMT on 9th Oct
I don't think that will happen. This is just an airplane you can drive home from the airport instead of parking it in a hanger and driving a separate vehicle home.
vintuk said @ 1:54pm GMT on 9th Oct
Harry potter has a better flying car

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