Friday, 7 March 2014

Mafia Day 2- End user problems

This took far too long.

Eggboy be dead. Town.

Something something flavour text something something. I think I'm sick. Imagine -_- wrote something insane.

Mafia, google groups is just being fucked, I dunno what to do about it. You guys know who each other are, maybe we can sort something out.

Moriati- Dead by Lynch- Townie
Eggboy- Dead by Mafia- Townie
[SFW] [Mafia] [+4 Underrated]
[by CapnSilver@9:30amGMT]


-_- said @ 8:30pm GMT on 7th Mar [Score:3]
eggboy looked over his shoulder, sure there had been a sound.
It had been a long day, the fear, the suspicion, the ... death.
now the light was gone, the cool air of evening sucking the warmth out of every surface with a bitter hunger.
eggboy checked his basket again, a loaf of bread, a bottle of wine, some hard cheddar, and .. of course ... eggs.
He had plans, dreams, wild imaginings he dared to pursue.
Back at his place, hidden under his mattress, there lays the suit he was going to wear when he became EggKing!!
-there's that sound again-
eggboy backed into the shadows, looking for the source of the faintly metallic scraping.
wracking his mind to piece together why the sound seemed slightly familiar.
Something to do with .. breakfast cereal?
-a shot rang out-
eggboy lurched from the shadows as blood flowed freely from his hand clenched against his chest.
He stumbled forward into the light, the basket of delectables swinging and spilling its contents for only the mocking moon to slaver over.
He knew the source of the sound now
It was the same sound General Nutrition makes when he cocks his chocolate magnum before shooting at the Hunger Horde
What was it he always said in the commercials??
Oh yeah ...
eggboy raises one fist and gurgles out "Break ... Faster!" before seeming to collapse in on himself as his soul leaves his body.
An innocent lad, with dreams of manhood.
eggboy was town
arrowhen said @ 1:08am GMT on 8th Mar
lilmookieesquire said @ 3:06am GMT on 8th Mar
The eggking is dead. Long live the eggking.
CapnSilver said @ 1:33pm GMT on 11th Mar [Score:1 Funny]
Because Kaspersky thinks there's malware on the frontpage, it's taken me this long to get my shit together.

-_- clutches his heart, the anticipation literally killing him. His life flashed before his eyes, all two days, and then nothing. The rest of the town was rather dismayed at the loss of their fun, but they still hurled his body into the gaping void that was the home of their ancient volcano gods.

So town, much innocent.

Get night actions to me asap and we'll get a new day happening quick as we can.
-_- said @ 5:24am GMT on 12th Mar
CapnSilver said @ 9:31am GMT on 7th Mar
Post lynch votes in reply to this comment.
72 hours.
shiftace said @ 4:19pm GMT on 7th Mar
The Volcano gods are sick, sick of not having the savory sacrifice they demand.
Give me democracy and give me death, KingPellinore death! Ooga-Chaka!
conception said @ 4:30pm GMT on 7th Mar
Me moveum comment here.


No eyes, gods will like your crusty burnt lids.
lilmookieesquire said @ 4:50pm GMT on 7th Mar
conception isn't the lynch this town deserves, but it's the lunch this town needs. Maybe.
biblebeltdrunk said @ 5:14pm GMT on 7th Mar
Brat#3 based on vague feelings.
-_- said @ 8:35pm GMT on 7th Mar
Eggboy was a good lad
but he dared dream a better life
and some, some can't have that
not even the freedom to dream.
KingPellinore must die if we are ever to be free
if we are ever to dream
if we are to have a better life.
Baron said @ 6:53am GMT on 8th Mar
I've got a bad feeling about Brat#3, she gives me the heebie jeebies.
arch2ngel said @ 12:56pm GMT on 8th Mar
Wait, so there's a lynch possibility for brat#3? On Day Two? Seems like something I've supported in the past - a LOT. Hmm.... No, I think voting for Brat#3 so early is old SE. This is the NEW SE. Guess I'll vote for the first one to vote for her - biblebeltdrunk.

(Please don't turn out to be mafia, brat!)
midden said @ 5:54pm GMT on 8th Mar
While -_-'s writing touches my soul where it usually takes very long fingers to reach, it seems exceedingly suspicious that he knows such details of our dear neighbor, eggboy's, sad and premature demise. Who other than the sole witness could be the despicable perpetrator?
midden said @ 6:02pm GMT on 8th Mar
"-_-" doesn't look very bold, but in fact, it is.
KingPellinore said @ 7:03pm GMT on 8th Mar
Kingpellinore put vote in wrong place.

Place rhyme with face.

Vote for -_-
mego said @ 7:18pm GMT on 8th Mar
While you seem like a very nice person,brat#3, I think it would be for the best if you were thrown into a volcano and incinerated. I hope you understand.
arrowhen said @ 6:46am GMT on 10th Mar
-_-, because, fuck, I dunno.
KingPellinore said @ 1:31pm GMT on 7th Mar
Kingpellinore not want any more townies die.

Him think -_- look shifty eyed. Because him no see his eyes.

Also, HTML on phone not easy.
conception said @ 4:05pm GMT on 7th Mar
Kingpellinore seemum like good chief. Strong like bull. Has eyes.


Perhaps needum to comment in other thread though.
lilmookieesquire said @ 12:29am GMT on 8th Mar
How can you guys vote for face when he makes flavor text like that?!
conception said @ 12:52am GMT on 8th Mar
Because he's voting for the guy that smells like broccoli.
lilmookieesquire said @ 3:04am GMT on 8th Mar
I got nothing. I accept your point as entirely valid.
midden said @ 10:53pm GMT on 8th Mar
Fresh, raw broccoli, on the platter with all the cute little carrots lathed down from big carrots and the big bowl of hummus with lots of garlic and a touch of lemon, or the scary stuff that has sat in the crisper drawer for three weeks in the plastic bag and is beginning to liquify?

If B, Off With His Head!
ghost_of_moriati said @ 1:08pm GMT on 8th Mar
It's hot in here
ghost of eggboy said @ 1:55pm GMT on 8th Mar
thankyou takes off his ghost pants and flexes
-_- said @ 6:31am GMT on 10th Mar
-_- sat quietly in his room staring at the wall.
What -_- saw was something completely different, he saw a bare wall surrounded by a world that encompassed himself and every other content of the innumerably finite moment of now.
Dust motes danced in the thermals above him as a sunbeam traced an imperceptibly delicate arc across the floor beneath his chair.
It had been a good day
A good life
The life of a simple villager, a "townie" if you will.
A simple quiet undemanding existence without the pomp and circumstance of the last one, nor the feverish intensity of the next.
A vacation of sorts.
But now fear slips from soul to soul
eyes dart, shadows are jumped at, shutters shut
the neighbors whisper their tales of suspicion until a rabble is roused and blood flows freely into the gutter with the rest of society's flotsam and rubbish.
-_- stares at the wall.
The time is still ... now.
arch2ngel said @ 11:58am GMT on 10th Mar
Wait, were you killed? I can't see vote tallies, so I wasn't sure who the leading contenders were, but you did have a few votes, and the 72 hours IS up, right? I guess I'm not sure, since this isn't from CapnSilver, and your comment only peripherally mentions death. I'm confused. :(
KingPellinore said @ 2:19pm GMT on 10th Mar
-_- like using big words. Him talk much but say little.

But -_- not in charge. Him no can say when him die.

It day 2. KingPellinore vote for -_- randomly and it catch on.

If -_- town, KingPellinore bet mob vote for -_-.
shiftace said @ 10:17pm GMT on 10th Mar
Me thinks you are right about Mob vote for the squinty face man and me thinks it is you. Me thinks that even though his eyes are always closed he can see perfectly well who you really are.

Me also thinks arch2ngel is a bad man and tried to have a double lynch on day one.
shiftace said @ 10:19pm GMT on 10th Mar
^^^^^should have been a reply to KingPellinore's post about-_-'s death.

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