Tuesday, 26 May 2015

"Lost" episode of Moral Orel

quote [ "I think it's probably because niceness doesn't really happen to much around here. So it feels odd when niceness does happen. And it feels so odd that it's unnatural, maybe even wrong. Maybe being nice here in Moralton feels dirty." ]

An episode was written and scrapped because they had less episodes ordered by Adult Swim for the final season than they were expecting, so they animated it themselves for the hell of it. Starts off taking place concurrently with the season 2 episode "Offensiveness" but ends "the next Halloween" after Orel has become disillusioned with the rampant hypocrisy going on in their town.
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ComposerNate said[1] @ 7:29pm GMT on 26th May [Score:1 Funny]
gma said @ 7:04pm GMT on 26th May
I was late to the party with this show, just saw it last year after I'd watched Bojack Horseman, found it wonderfully depressing, and heard people make comparisons. Great series.
Adolf Shitler said @ 3:00am GMT on 28th May
The last episode of Moral Orel played this absolutely heart-rending song:


Dino Stamatopolous was onto something. And also probably on something.

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