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Project 2025: The New Fascist Playbook

quote [ You've probably heard there's a new conservative manifesto gaining steam among the far-right. What exactly is Project 2025, and why is it so dangerous? ]

It's all just a little bit of History Repeating
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snowfox said @ 3:48am GMT on 18th Nov
Making this about an economic model misses a deeper flaw. We can stop being capitalists but it doesn't magically make every subhuman group people with human rights again. That oppression can flourish under other systems. Focusing on the economy is the same thing the two party system is accused of, but we see it among any group privileged enough that their humanity is not in question. The lack of focus on human rights has always been where I've fallen out with other SEers on political topics. Once the white, cis male majority get the economic benefits they want, none of them seem to care what happens to the rest of us.

And that is a major component for how the right gets terrible legislation through.

Project 2025 wants to define LGBTQ+ as pornography because even far leftists call for the deaths of sex offenders and pedophiles. They never stop to consider that people could be easily redefined and legislated as sex offenders and pedophiles just for existing in the same society as children.

That strategy, that structure, is employed elsewhere, and even the communists, socialists, and anarchists fall for it because the dominant voices in all of these groups are cis hetero white men who can never really know their own privilege and even with any inkling of it won't make it a priority to defend anyone else.

And that leaves all of their potential allies struggling to ensure their own safety. When your existence can be criminalized, housing and student loans are a low priority. Unions and third parties don't represent you and leave you behind, so what good does it do you to support them? You may decry this as divisive identity politics but that is a privilege. It could be life and death for the identities that are just politics to you.

I'm not looking for a fight or to deal with demands to cite everything I've said. I don't have the bandwidth left for that. I don't have the human rights left to make proving myself to internet bros a priority. I just wanted to say what was on my mind. Read it and consider it or don't. I was never going to change your mind anyway.
steele said @ 1:45pm GMT on 18th Nov
I'm not looking for a fight or to deal with demands to cite everything I've said.

After almost 20 years you are still one of the most ignorant, self-centered people I have had the displeasure of knowing. Either educate yourself or fuck off.

Women, Race & Class: Davis, Angela Y.

Trans Liberation: Beyond Pink or Blue: Feinberg, Leslie
snowfox said @ 2:05pm GMT on 18th Nov [Score:-2 Troll]
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steele said @ 7:03pm GMT on 18th Nov [Score:-3 Unworthy Self Link]
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snowfox said @ 8:17pm GMT on 18th Nov [Score:-3]
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steele said @ 11:58pm GMT on 18th Nov [Score:-3]
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snowfox said @ 12:49am GMT on 19th Nov [Score:-3 Boring]
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rylex said @ 7:31am GMT on 18th Nov [Score:-2 Flamebait]
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snowfox said[1] @ 7:56am GMT on 18th Nov [Score:1 Insightful]
It is unrelated. My focus is on how everyone says death to pedophiles and how Project 2025 intends to redefine what a pedo is so that every LGBTQ+ person who exists in a society that includes children will be considered pedos. We're not actually pedos. It's a backdoor way to legally kill us all.
rylex said @ 9:12am GMT on 18th Nov
i'm aware my comment was unrelated to the point you were making. as i stated, I am curious on your point of view in regards to what I asked.

I will repeat again, I am not looking to fight or argue with you. Only curious in your opinion in regards to what I asked.

Can always dm your response to prevent it from becoming a whole other discussion.
snowfox said @ 11:35am GMT on 18th Nov
Why would you even ask that? To do so implies that either:

a) you want to execute those we deem pedophiles (which again, could become insanely broad), or
b) you think LGBTQ+ are perverts who should be held responsible for pedophiles even though most of them are cis and hetero

It's not that the question is offensive, it's that you're sea lioning me with it in response to a comment about specifically how I will be fully stripped of human rights and lawfully executed.
rylex said[1] @ 3:41pm GMT on 18th Nov
well, since you seem to want to make this a whole discussion/argument:

I do believe we should execute those deemed pedophiles (the people after the preteen crowd) whom are ACTIVELY harming other humans. It is a slippery slope to blindly give them the sex dolls without any form of oversight, but if it is something that can keep the worst ones from offending/reoffending (notice i didnt even bother delving into talk of "curing" them), then possibly it should be entertained. I can totally seperate how persecuting people for thought crime is wrong and doing so for actions is right.

no one is sea lioning you or gas lighting you. I was merely curious about your personal view on something, but you seem too divorced from reality to understand when people are seeking to understand a viewpoint you hold.

you keep doing you though. and btw, im curious about your view since you brought up sex offenders and pedos in your diatribe.
snowfox said @ 6:46pm GMT on 18th Nov
Because your question literally had nothing to do with what I was saying. I was never talking about actual pedophiles but about how Project 2025 wants to redefine and utterly abuse that label to make it a sex crime to be LGBTQ+. The victims in my scenario aren't hurting minors so why would we derail the human rights issue here to talk about sex dolls for pedos? It's weird.
rylex said @ 7:20pm GMT on 18th Nov
no shit, I even admit multiple times my question is from left field and is unrelated.

I was simply curious about your view on a topic. since you had raised the spectre of pedophilia being lumped in again with the LGBT movement, of which it was once a part of, I was curious about your opinion on something in relation to the topic of pedos.

The victims in your scenario also arent pederasts, so why are you attempting to conflate the two? your whole argument and attempt to twist this into something against you and your clique is weird bro.

snowfox said @ 8:12pm GMT on 18th Nov
I'm not trying to twist anything, I wasn't the one who downvoted you, I was just genuinely blind-sided and confused. I think you're reading tone into this that isn't there. I am autistic and that seems to happen a lot and only gets worse the more carefully I try to phrase anything. I have nothing against you and no problem with you.
rylex said @ 8:50pm GMT on 18th Nov [Score:1 Good]
im very aware you didnt downvote me. i dont care about the downvote either.
I frankly think we should downvote each other more.

I appreciate you have nothing against me, as I have nothing against you.

just curious about your viewpoint on what i asked. truthfully wasnt looking for a larger debate. I was more than willing to hear you out, take it in, and thats all. still am in fact
snowfox said @ 9:08pm GMT on 18th Nov [Score:1 Good]
It's a complex issue that I don't have a definitive view on. It isn't my frame of reference to speak from. Obviously people do not choose their attractions but some attractions are innately harmful. My only solid view on it is that people who have the attraction should be able to come forward for help without anything bad happening to them. As to what sort of help... because we won't engage the topic as a society, we don't know what works. The most informed are those niche support groups who vow never to touch a kid or use CP. Health experts in conjunction with them have the best chance of crafting useful policy.
rylex said @ 10:55am GMT on 19th Nov

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