Friday, 12 May 2023

Mechanical Watch

quote [ Interactive article explaining how a mechanical watch works. ]

Their visual demonstrations are excellent.
I also recommend this latest one about how bicycles work
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Wulf said @ 4:34pm GMT on 12th May [Score:1 Interesting]
This was a really good exhibit. I've restored spring driven clocks and grandfather clocks which share some similarities and mechanical concepts and I thought this was cool.
jbhalper said @ 12:56pm GMT on 12th May
This is fascinating, and the demonstrations really are excellent.
ethanos said @ 3:24pm GMT on 12th May
Fabulous, but I have a few questions:
-how do you read the watch face with no numbers?
-if I look into my applewatch will I see the same thing?
-who paid for this elaborate explanation?
Paracetamol said @ 6:48pm GMT on 13th May [Score:1 Informative]
> who paid for this elaborate explanation?

this is a blog of interactive infographics dating back some years and being wildly popular among tech people.
ethanos said @ 1:41pm GMT on 15th May
So I guess there is more to the internet than pornography.
Although, I suppose, the mechanics of a watch are akin to pornography, right?
moriati said @ 12:15pm GMT on 13th May
Come back to say I just finished this over several hours and it's brilliant.

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