Friday, 5 May 2023

The image you can't submit to journals anymore

quote [ The most widely-used image in academic history is no longer accepted in journals. So what happened? ]

Fascinating bit of Computer Science history in video form.
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mechavolt said @ 2:48am GMT on 8th May [Score:2]

There are a standardized set of test images that photo processing engineers often use to test algorithms and methods. One of these images is (or at least was) the "Lena image," a cropped scan of a Playboy centerfold model used without copyright permission. There has been debate and controversy over using this image since almost the very beginning in the 70's.


Having a set of standardized images helps test the output of various processing algorithms.

Playboy, while originally against the use of the image since it violated their copyright, now supports its usage since it's free publicity.

Sexy lady.


It's a picture of a naked woman from a porno mag. While the image is cropped, everyone knows what it is. The computer science field is heavily male dominated, and this is just another instance of soft exclusion.

The image itself isn't even all that good as a test image, since it is a digital scan of a physical printing. There are other images that would work much better.

The model herself, while originally unaware of the negative consequences of the image, has recently stated that it should be retired.

maximumtodd said @ 3:24pm GMT on 7th May [Score:1 Good]
I found this video interesting on many different levels as an instructor and as a father of a woman in technology.
stv179 said @ 3:59pm GMT on 6th May
The times they are a changing ...

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