Saturday, 3 December 2022

Worlds hardest jigsaw vs. puzzle machine (all white)

quote [ This project was so hard it almost broke me. ]

Lol, been doing a lot of jigsaw puzzles lately and my brain is constantly playing around with how I would automate it. Best not to, it seems. That way leads to madness.

If you're into schadenfreude, this is for you.
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[by steele@1:22pmGMT]


cb361 said[1] @ 2:22pm GMT on 3rd Dec
Thanks. Interesting video, but I question the sense of hand scanning 8000 jigsaw pieces before you have tested a few known pieces on the rest of the pipeline. Of course you’re going to find that something didn’t quite work right in the physical world that invalidates your work.

Also, post modding doesn’t seem to work properly from an iPad. Not that Steele needs my karma. Upmodding his posts is kind of like paying taxes. If the the government wants more money, it can print as much as it likes for itself.
ooo[......7 said @ 6:21pm GMT on 5th Dec [Score:1 Underrated]
Well, it's a good thing he only has to do it once.
steele said @ 7:15pm GMT on 3rd Dec
I mean, you'd still have to scan 401 to be sure, no?😅

I'll try to check what's up on my niece's ipad this week sometime to see what's up. Karma isn't the important part of modding though, moderating the site is.
cb361 said[1] @ 7:44pm GMT on 3rd Dec
I think you’d only have to scan two pieces that you know fit together, to establish that the program can’t fit them together.

It’s no biggie, but when I select the post mod on the iPad, I don’t think the page submits.
steele said @ 9:40pm GMT on 3rd Dec
Oh, sure, if you wanna do it the easy way. Lol, yeah, probably, but I think the challenge of having the robot do it all themselves probably undermined proper planning on this one. Building a dataset and then working with the dataset is typically the SOP. I mean, surely you wouldn't expect to have to keep doing it over and over again when everything is supposed to be happening in software. padme_right?.png

hmm, well shit.
ethanos said @ 5:22pm GMT on 6th Dec
should have used pink.

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