Thursday, 20 October 2022

With So Few Farmers, Why Are Video Games About Farming So Popular?

quote [ Food writer Michael Pollan has discussed the irony that cooking shows and celebrity chefs capture our imaginations at a time when people in the U.S. spend less time than ever cooking daily meals. ]

Well, at least they're not breaking stuff.
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damnit said @ 7:31pm GMT on 20th Oct [Score:1 Informative]
Farming Simulator is not as popular in the US, despite the 90,000 concurrent users listed in the article. Most of those are European gamers.

When PlayStation Plus had Cities: Skylines and Farming Simulator 19 for free on May 2020 in the US, Plus subscribers were mad for the wasted month when they could have gone with other games. Not sure if that's an overall US sentiment for simulator games or just on console.

Also, even though farming simulator timelapse videos are popular on YouTube, it doesn't really translate to actually playing the game by yourself, which has a painfully-steep learning curve.
stv179 said @ 7:30pm GMT on 1st Nov [Score:1 laz0r]
Potentially because farming can be fun, if it woulnd't be so exhausting and risky ..
WeiYang said @ 8:23pm GMT on 20th Oct
Considerably fewer injuries with the simulators, and if you lose, you don't lose the house you live in.

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