Friday, 16 September 2022

Half-Life 2: VR Mod

quote [ Half Life 2: VR Mod is a third-party mod for the 2004 PC gaming classic by Valve Software. It allows players to experience the world of Half Life 2 in virtual reality. ]

The HL2 VR mod releases today on steam. Looking forward to trying it one of these days. Haven't been able to do much VR lately.

HL2 VR Mod on steam

Someone made a mod for the mod that kinda gives it a Borderlands feel.
HL2 VR - Comic Book Mod Released - link available in description - YouTube

Also somebody made a DIY haptic gun that works with Half Life Alyx.
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[by steele@7:06pmGMT]


mechanical contrivance said @ 2:35pm GMT on 17th Sep
I'd like to try VR some day. I'll wait for the PS5 VR.
steele said @ 4:08pm GMT on 17th Sep
It is looking pretty impressive. I've even heard rumors Valve is looking to bring Half-Life:Alyx over, which is still my top goto VR experience. Though, if you've already got a gaming rig, there's some pretty inexpensive used headsets available on places like facebook marketplace and offerup. I've even picked up a standalone quest and quest 2 for $120 and $150, respectively. I'm hoping to get my hands on an inexpensive HP Reverb g2 Omnicept in the next few years. Eye tracking, heart rate tracking, and a face camera. I've already seen them refurbished for $600. 🤞
mechanical contrivance said @ 4:24pm GMT on 17th Sep
My computer is 10 years old and has no graphics card. Also, I refuse to buy anything associated with Facebook.
steele said @ 4:57pm GMT on 17th Sep
Lol, fair enough.
steele said @ 6:11pm GMT on 21st Sep

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