Monday, 22 August 2022

Sex and SEnsibility

So I found this guy from some "ask an athiest" type call in show, and frankly he's the most fun on that. But then this video goes a lot into gender & trans issues, which is something I've been a lot more interested in lately. It may be preaching to the choir here to put up Forrest Valkai's feelings on the matter, but getting into the science crunchiness of it was a treat.
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[by Headlessfriar@10:22amGMT]


R1Xhard said[1] @ 10:35am GMT on 22nd Aug
Is that a yeti?

R1Xhard said @ 2:04pm GMT on 22nd Aug
I never had sex with anyone older than 42!!!

Abit young for me, I don't mine petite thou or chucky or muscular less cum and more brains cells ain't a bad thing thou.

A person who can code/play cards/hold a convo and make and nice apple pie for mid shanigan refreshments.
slaytanik said @ 2:31pm GMT on 22nd Aug [Score:1 Underrated]
What a gross old man
R1Xhard said[1] @ 12:20pm GMT on 23rd Aug
Agree with you there.

\scarsm: I had a motto never more then double my age, I'm turning 40 this decade. On the bright side,Those octogenarians are looking might fine now days.

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