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A "fuck you" in 3 videos.

quote [ Just an incredible exchange.

Reporter: The White House has pledged to go beyond CDC guidance in caring for President Biden...If the White House thinks that's the right approach for the president, shouldn't that be the right approach for all Americans?

CDC Director: ]

CDC Director low key telling us we're expendable. transcript

Here in Florida our wastewater data is showing us way beyond the peak of last year's Delta surge. But, thankfully, no one cares. Monkeypox doesn't stand a chance! :P

Fauci also requires that the people who meet him abide by rules above and beyond the CDC guidelines. source

and this was a couple weeks ago.
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mechavolt said[1] @ 8:41pm GMT on 25th Jul [Score:1 Insightful]
This has always been the end point: those who have the means to do so can protect themselves and get better treatment, and everyone else can get fucked. This isn't just a Democrat vs Republican thing, this is a neoliberal issue with faux progressive policies. For example, carbon scrubbing -- communities who can afford it will have better health outcomes and everyone else can get fucked. Education/technical skills -- people who can afford it will have better economic outcomes and everyone else can get fucked. This has always been my problem with the Democratic party -- some of the policies they push SOUND good on paper, but because they are structurally founded in capitalism only exacerbate inequalities in society. I'll still hold my nose and vote for Biden because even that is better than fascism, but it's still not a viable long-term solution to our very real and immediate social/racial/health/judicial/economic/environmental problems.
conception said @ 9:18pm GMT on 25th Jul
The preface - you are not wrong.

I'll also toss out that the goal since about April of 2020 when containment was no longer a viable strategy because "It's a hoax" was rolling the goal of public policy has -never- been "keep people from getting sick". It's always been "Keep people from dying in the streets because the hospitals are overrun with people dying in them." And wearing masks has always been "This will protect others from you if you are sick rather than protect you from getting sick," outside of an N95. I know it hasn't always been framed that way in the media, but that's what the science was looking at.

We're now at that point - people are getting sick but they are not dying in the streets. So, we have the most contagious disease that has ever really crossed the globe, with measles perhaps beating it, but also one that is mutating very very rapidly, unlike measles, so we cannot make vaccines (today) to keep up. Can't find it really, but read a study that really only a well fitting, N95 (or equiv) is effective in stopping omicron. Like... it's a monster virus, and luckily, we've do enough so people aren't dying in the streets.

Could we do more? We could do a grant for better ventilation systems so in a few years we will be better off. Mask mandates, and force folks to wear n95's properly and make sure everyone clean shaves so it's well fitted? We can send people tests and have them rest longer when sick - but that's just going to slow the spread. And why do we want to slow the spread? To protect hospitals, ostensibly. But hospitals are fine.

The only thing I think I see now worth "slowing things down for" is the universal covid and/or flu vaccines that hopefully will be around next year. 6mo and older can now get their shots. You can get n95's easily now for yourself.

Like, I will sail that ship into the great beyond on all of the ways that America has fucked this up - but today, I don't see "keep people from getting sick" as a viable goal. I don't think it's been viable for two years. I think you, yourself, can be cautious and protect yourself with masking. Anyone can get a vaccine. Anyone can get masks and tests - tests for free too. Masks for free could help slow the spread as well, but ok... just slowing the inevitable to help... the economy?

I guess I just don't see what the point of that Eric Topol post is. What's his endgame? What's a reasonable "end" to covid look like? Because "not getting it" doesn't seem reasonable based on the facts on the ground.

steele said[1] @ 9:43pm GMT on 25th Jul

I guess I just don't see what the point of that Eric Topol post is. What's his endgame? What's a reasonable "end" to covid look like? Because "not getting it" doesn't seem reasonable based on the facts on the ground.

You realize that as of a couple months ago, Long Covid was occurring at about 1 in 5 cases? At the rate we're going, a significant percentage of the population is going to either have permanent immune deficiencies that are going to overwhelm our shitty "healthcare system" or are going to have such bad brain damage that we can't even really predict how bad that's gonna turn out. Like imagine even 10% of the fucking population with early onset dementia beought on in a couple years, how do you even handle something like that? And the only fucking reason it's going to turn out this way is because not once has the US government tried to apply an actual working solution. China has been out there mobilizing a covid zero policy and getting called authoritarian for doing what scientists said we needed to do at the very beginning, while at that same time we, the country that let a couple million people die, are claiming they're lying about their numbers

Edit:wanna see some shit, go to and search brain fog.
mechavolt said @ 10:42pm GMT on 25th Jul [Score:1 Underrated]
Speaking of brain fog, I'm convinced covid brain fog will be the Millennial version of Boomer lead poisoning. That's just my conspiracy hat talking.
conception said @ 6:02pm GMT on 26th Jul [Score:1 Underrated]
Nah, that's microplastics.
steele said @ 6:14pm GMT on 26th Jul
That too.
TimmoW said @ 12:36am GMT on 26th Jul
I've been theorizing this will be the case myself. You can point to a huge chunk of the voting population and clearly show how lead poisoning has made them stupider. It's terrifying.
conception said @ 6:03pm GMT on 26th Jul
Love all the research in lead poisoning in gun owners that totally hasn't been blocked by red congress. But the few studies that have been done... you'll never guess what they found...
steele said @ 12:37am GMT on 26th Jul
No, that's what I've been equivalenting it to, as well, but it's gonna be so much worse.
steele said @ 1:15am GMT on 26th Jul
And I feel I really need to emphasize here, everything we are not doing for covid right now by our government, as individuals, is going to allow monkeypox to spread like wildfire. As schools open up, shit is going to hit the fucking fan.
conception said @ 6:02pm GMT on 26th Jul
Sure, I know about Long Covid...

What are we going to do about it?

And China has about 50% of their elderly unvaccinated so, the situation over there is also different. Sinovac also not as great.

And again, of course it's terrible and shitty. And sure, we have the ability to lock everyone in their homes for two weeks and have it burn out. But that's not a reasonable position for all of the obvious reasons. So, what's next?
steele said @ 6:14pm GMT on 26th Jul
But that's not a reasonable position for all of the obvious reasons.

What obvious reasons besides capitalism? You're basically saying it's a fucking free for all, and you might as well apply that to every natural disaster we're going to deal with from now on. So at that point, what's the point of society? Of all of this shit? ChocoTacos? WE DON'T EVEN GET THEM ANYMORE!
conception said @ 8:56pm GMT on 26th Jul [Score:1 Sad]
I do not disagree.

I just do not see a course of action that can be taken with the realities of this society.
steele said[1] @ 9:37pm GMT on 26th Jul
You should check out the latest Andreas Malm book; Despite its radical title, How to Blow Up a Pipeline, it's more about how the history we're taught is whitewashed to mentally limit our options.
steele said @ 8:16pm GMT on 25th Jul
MR. DIAMOND: Let’s stay on the White House for a second. The White House has pledged to go beyond CDC guidance in caring for President Biden, for example, to make sure that he stays in isolation until he tests negative. If the White House thinks that’s the right approach for the president, shouldn’t that be the right approach for all Americans?

DR. WALENSKY: Yeah, I think we can all agree that the president’s protocols likely go above and beyond and have the resources to go above and beyond what every American is able and has the capacity to do. As we put forward our CDC guidance, we have to do so so that they are relevant, feasible, followable by Americans, and that is Americans that live in urban jurisdictions and rural jurisdictions, that have resources and less resources, that have, you know, work constraints and many other things. So, when we put forward our guidance, we do so so that they reflect such that every American is able to follow them. We have said in our isolation guidance–that is guidance after you have been infected–that you really should stay home for those first five days. You shouldn’t consider going out after those five days unless your symptoms have really fully resolved. And if they have, you should wear a mask if you decide to go out for those second five days.

We also put in the option to go ahead and get a test–not everybody has access to them, but to go ahead and get a test. And if your test remains positive, you would consider staying home until that test is negative, which is exactly what the president is doing.
rylex said @ 3:16am GMT on 26th Jul
bitch blinks WAY too much. that's a telltale sign of untrustworthiness/lying.
slaytanik said @ 6:36am GMT on 26th Jul
I just have something in my eye
steele said @ 1:28pm GMT on 26th Jul
We can acknowledge she's a soulless ghoul without disparaging female dogs.

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