Monday, 23 May 2022

Apple shipped us a 79-pound iPhone repair kit to fix a 1.1-ounce battery

quote [ The more I think about it, the more I realize Apple’s Self-Service Repair program is the perfect way to make it look like the company supports right-to-repair policies without actually encouraging them at all. ]

Maan what a nutty corporate joke.
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mechanical contrivance said @ 4:04pm GMT on 23rd May
None of this should surprise anyone. Meanwhile, my Motorola phone has a user replaceable battery. You don't even need tools.
cb361 said @ 5:05pm GMT on 23rd May
I repaired a lot of iPhones with dead batteries and broken screens using DIY tools, and some of them even worked afterwards.
s&m hunter said @ 7:29pm GMT on 23rd May
I just hope that legislation will improve on apple weaseling out of the rtr requirements.
Somewhat optimistic about the EU, tbh.

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