Wednesday, 18 May 2022

This year, your SEcret Santa is...

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So after an extended period enough people have PM'ed me expressions of interest to organise a Santa-ing.

Apologies on the later then stated announcement, life has been an adventure of late.

This elf has been busy working to help the citizens of his nation express their right to vote. Hence being a bit busy in RL, starting to understand some of those public servant jokes first-hand.

Since enough people have expressed interest to organise the SEcretSanta I am putting the call out for all those that contacted me to send their mailing details to myself via PM.

Announcement of your giftee will be forwarded back via PM by the 31st of May.

If there are any stragglers this will allow a grace period that way all gifts can be mailed from 1st of June on-wards.

If it is an overseas address please allow 3-4 weeks of postage, well that's how long it took for Chaturbate to get me that check last month :P
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