Saturday, 2 April 2022

Fake Rickroll to scare your friends, associates, acquaintances, enemies & such

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Looking thru the chat box and thought someone should do a community post, how's everyone's world's going?

FlameBait this post to oblivion , like all RickRolls should.

Still walking but not as much with old age myself. As I mentioned slowly losing the weight over time. Google Maps app just told me on the computer in my hand that I managed to drive 1200km in March. Thinking it's amazing that when one the first iteration of this site came out. That the phone's in people's hands today would of been considered super computers; almost.

P.S. The original video from the thumbnail is here.

Fake Rickroll to scare your friends
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[by R1Xhard@12:22pmGMT]


R1Xhard said @ 3:22pm GMT on 2nd Apr

An interesting channel.
Hugh E. said @ 4:32pm GMT on 2nd Apr
Is it?
R1Xhard said @ 7:59am GMT on 3rd Apr
That stream is subjective, I wouldn't disagree.

But good to see the original creator of something sprucing their own work. Consider how Today You Found Out overshadow things.
cb361 said[2] @ 9:53pm GMT on 2nd Apr
Just got Covid, like the cool kids. Feel crappy, but not too bad and I’m sleeping on the sofa in case it’s not too late to avoid infecting my girlfriend. She cooked me stir-fried green beans and garlic, which is really the last thing I can eat right now.
R1Xhard said @ 8:01am GMT on 3rd Apr [Score:1 Good]
Good luck with the healing.

Always recommend a Hot Tootie {Scotch, honey, lemon mixed in hot water}. By the time the bottle of scotch is empty you usually feel much better or wake up feeling better anyway.
cb361 said @ 9:10pm GMT on 3rd Apr [Score:2 laz0r]
Ah, the Nanny Ogg remedy.
steele said @ 3:33am GMT on 3rd Apr
Hang in there. Mask up and hopefully you'll keep it to yourself. I caught it while visiting friends around the holidays and managed to keep from infecting the friends I was staying with while I crashed on their couch until I could drive home by keeping a kn95 on as much as possible.🤞
mechanical contrivance said @ 1:50pm GMT on 4th Apr
Which strain is it and are you vaccinated?
steele said @ 3:35pm GMT on 4th Apr
My money is on that Omicron variant BA.2 since an estimated 8% of Britain was infected with it last week. Good thing the pandemic is over.

UK hits record COVID-19 levels; nearly 5 million infected

LONDON (AP) — The prevalence of COVID-19 in the U.K. has reached record levels, with about 1 in 13 people estimated to be infected with the virus in the past week, according to the latest figures from Britain's official statistics agency.

cb361 said @ 5:28pm GMT on 4th Apr [Score:1 Underrated]
Yep. My Parents, my sister and myself, all infected for the first time, and in separate circumstances in the past week. Only m girlfriend is still uninflected, and she’s going to be insufferable on efficacy of lemon and ginger over vaccinations.
steele said[1] @ 8:32pm GMT on 4th Apr
Many of the US's free testing centers are shutting down due to lack of funding, leaving the only option for PCR tests to private providers offering them for $125 for the uninsured. Which I'm sure is going to translate to very accurate numbers and an impeccable handling of this next surge.
Paracetamol said @ 8:17pm GMT on 7th Apr
Good luck to you 2!
cb361 said @ 5:45pm GMT on 4th Apr
Yep. Three jabs.

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