Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Mafia Day 5

quote [ Alas another day/week, another death ]

Biblebeltdrunk, or BBD as they prefer to be called (or at the very least as I prefer to type it) woke up dead. To their surprise, they were a vanilla townie. It easy to tell as BBD's body had been stuffed with vanilla pods.

After the town disposed of the body in the volcano they gathered in the pleasantly odoured town square, which wasn't a square at all but more of an irregular nonagon, to decide their next murder. Sacrifice. Murderfice.

Players, including arch2ngel who is definitely a player playing.
Brat#3 - lynch- mafia
Moriati- Dead by Lynch- Townie
Eggboy- Dead by Mafia- Townie
shiftace- Mafia- Town
biblebeltdrunk - mafiaed- Town
conception- Dead by Mafia- Investigator
-_- Lynched- Townie.
[SFW] [Mafia] [+1]
[by CapnSilver@9:27amGMT]


lilmookieesquire said @ 8:59pm GMT on 7th Jul [Score:1]
For those of you that want closure...

TL;DR: The mafia all but won.

I sent cap silver this wonks ago:

For the record, tonight, I vote to kill King P as my night action.

With a town kill today, and another townie killed tonight, I believe that puts Mafia in the lead at 3v3, which makes the mafia able to kill a townie at a minimum of a double lynch- which makes us win after another night kill- so with that, I believe we might have won (assuming the angel or another townie vote is successful today)

So if I can request, as the mafia win, that I walk towards the townies, while slowly stripping away my disguise, to shockingly reveal myself as DON MOOKIE the PORNO KING of PORNVILLE? Where's PORNVILLE you ask? Well, this place is. Now. ... Wiping a tear away from my eye, and stopping to stoop down and place flowers on Brat#3's grave, I lament that "if only we could have worked together from the beginning... this could have all been avoided. We had no choice. I guess it's the town's own fault for killing brat#3, I hope you guys like man on man, because we're fresh out of females. Just say'n."

No need to go with that, but, of course, you can, with all editing privileges, if you'd like to.

The mafia is
brat (rip), arrow and baron and me, lilmookie.

CapnSilver said @ 9:27am GMT on 1st Apr
Murderfice votes here please.
KingPellinore said @ 12:37pm GMT on 1st Apr
KingPellinore still going with gut.

Baron, because KingPellinore no like royal honorifics. Also, am huge hypocrite.
lilmookieesquire said @ 6:35pm GMT on 1st Apr
Hey cap'n: http://sensibleendowment.com/comment.php/142/4212

That said, if Azazel was asking to die, I'd imagine he's obviously a townie, which makes me a bit suspicious.

Defending Brat#3 and voting for an obvious townie makes me suspect arch2ngle of being a mafia.

That said... he was also left out of the game last round, and I don't think Cap'n would do that to an actual mafioso- so I guess consider that a placeholder vote.

Any suggestions, ideas people?
lilmookieesquire said @ 7:01pm GMT on 1st Apr
My logic is very simple:

ooo[......7 said @ 8:20pm GMT on 10th Nov
midden said @ 9:46pm GMT on 1st Apr
But a mafioso might sit out, just to make you think that.

I still like mego's reasoning. I'm sticking with my last vote and going with arch2ngle.
Baron said @ 9:51pm GMT on 2nd Apr
KingPellinore again, because his reign of terror must be put to an end.
mego said @ 3:16am GMT on 3rd Apr
arch2ngel still.
biblebeltdrunk said @ 11:50am GMT on 3rd Apr
i always did hate vanilla.

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