Wednesday, 16 March 2022

Russia running out of cloud storage

quote [ This could spell serious trouble for the Russian people as most work relies on cloud storage. The loss of music and video streaming services also means that Russia could plummet into an internal blackout. If that happens, the state media can control the narrative, further gaslighting the people. ]

We depend on electricity, water, internet access and free cloud storage.
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gendo666 said @ 6:04pm GMT on 17th Mar [Score:1 Insightful]
I think we all realize that a lot of the sanctions hurt the Russian people more than the "Russian war machine"
But how many of the two intersect?
Not being able to watch Netflix could be annoying but cloud storage has become something that we seem to take for granted.
Hopefully it's the "little things" that hit the people really make them question what the Russian government is doing but at this point will it cause them to question it enough.
Russia is pretty much coasting on lies and as more and more people are inconvenienced hopefully it's also making them question what's going on.
The problem is the way they are currently set up politically and will protests lead to change at the top or just more people charges as dissidents and arrested.

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