Monday, 7 March 2022

Disney heir calls out company’s silence on anti-LGBT Florida bill

quote [ The Walt Disney Company has donated to each of the lawmakers behind Florida's "Don't say gay" bill... ]

In an interesting turn of events, The USA is rebooting the Post 9-11 world. is running a TTRPGs for Trans Rights in Texas! bundle

The ACLU sues to block Texas from investigating parents of trans youth : NPR

Viral video shows Texas students chanting 'f*ck these fascists' at anti-trans GOP candidate

Texas GOP candidate Jeff Younger was heckled by protesters due to his anti-trans policies.

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[by steele@5:13pmGMT]


mechanical contrivance said @ 9:36pm GMT on 7th Mar
I assume Disney has donated to every lawmaker in Florida, not just the anti gay ones.
steele said @ 9:49pm GMT on 7th Mar
steele said @ 11:35pm GMT on 7th Mar on Twitter

“EXCLUSIVE: Students in Winter Park, Florida are currently staging a MASSIVE walkout to protest the heinous GOP 'Don't Say Gay' bill. Video shot by @proudtwinkie. #LetFreeFloridaSayGay”

steele said @ 11:13pm GMT on 8th Mar
mechanical contrivance said @ 2:36pm GMT on 9th Mar
How could moving to a new state be a felony? I assume that part of the law would be struck down if challenged. Even if it isn't, it would just mean that families can't ever go back to Idaho after moving away. Is that such a loss?
steele said @ 3:01pm GMT on 9th Mar
Sure, not a problem. It's not like there's gonna end up being bounties on these people or anything.

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