Wednesday, 2 March 2022

This 200-Foot-Long Railway to Nowhere Is Actually a Brilliant Shipping Loophole

quote [ the law requires shipping between American ports be done with American-built, American-flagged vessels, which the ASG doesn't operate. An exemption known as the third proviso, however, apparently accommodates goods that make part of the journey via rail in Canada. ]

Logistics vs Laws vs Loopholes
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Wulf said @ 2:19pm GMT on 3rd Mar
So not only are they skirting the law but this little railway is making $350M a year putting on this pony show? I'll bet the owners behind it are pretty pissed off about that golden goose being put down.
mechanical contrivance said @ 2:41pm GMT on 3rd Mar
I want to know if the federal government will amend the law to include a minimum distance for the train to travel.
avid said @ 8:03am GMT on 7th Mar
Adding a minimum just allows the same loophole. What they want to do is say that the rail travel had to be necessary, i.e. there isn't a logistically simpler method that is being avoided because it would require a US-made, US-flagged vessel.

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