Wednesday, 9 February 2022

Into The Metaverse

quote [ Hi. In today's episode, we explore vast new digital worlds! An ever-expanding landscape of virtual delights and innovations! That you have to pay for with a hideous illustration of a monkey! ]

He's got some good takes, probably a bit more optimistic about the future than I am though
[SFW] [Virtual & Augmented Reality] [+1 Insightful]
[by steele@8:41pmGMT]


slaytanik said @ 8:43am GMT on 10th Feb [Score:1 Sad]
Jesus fucking Christ can we please spend this money on protecting ecosystems and wildlife instead of whatever the fuck this is
I feel like I'm losing my god damn mind here
steele said @ 2:03pm GMT on 10th Feb [Score:1 WTF]
Sorry, Parliamentarian says no.🤷‍♂️
New Data: Biden’s First Year Drilling Permitting Stomps Trump’s By 34%

Center for Biological Diversity: Thousands of Permits OK’d Despite President’s Authority to End Drilling by 2035

SnappyNipples said @ 6:21am GMT on 24th Feb
HTC VIVE and my Steam overlords forever!

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